Kill fat in the steel needle jungle

Acupuncture, kill fat in the steel needle jungle.

Acupoint stimulation directly destroys fat cells, and the big stabbing cannot be as expected. Holding the delicious torment is still fat. Only this small needle can make the fat army defeat in the army for a while. Zi Jian Jianyu Tree laughed at the wind.

Acupuncture: Point acupoint Destroy fat cells

The principle of dialectics has been used in ancient times with the use of quiet treatment and small governance. The principle of dialectics has been used since ancient times. Acupuncture weight loss is also achieved by the method of moving with dialectical treatment.

For different enemies, steel needles have different viewing tricks. Steel needles with different lengths are specifically cured of various properties of various properties.

Some steel needles are only 1.5 inches long, which is suitable for tie on the face to wait for some thinners with thin fat. A shortest steel needle is enough to deal with it. Turn on a puffy face. The meridians have also been dredged, and the soldiers have escaped from all walks of life. Another steel needle is 7 inches long, which is specially used in the thick part.

Once the diet is irregularly relaxed, the soldiers will quickly occupy the site to deal with the best way to deal with this enemy. They cannot leave any living mouth in order to be peaceful to become a bee waist beauty.

At this time, the 7 -inch steel needle can be used in handy. This small needle is tied to the waist. It directly destroys fat cells through acupoint stimulation and is destroyed one by one. You do n’t need to worry about fat harassment in the future.

Diection of fat cells

Acupuncture weight loss belongs to the category of traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly through acupuncture to stimulate the stimulation of each weight loss acupuncture point, to do dialectics, dredge the meridians, regulate qi and blood balance, and at the same time can directly destroy fat cells, reduce the number of fat cells in the body, and suppress the inhibitory Severe to achieve the effect of weight loss.

This method of weight loss is very simple to operate. Doctors will selectively tie acupuncture according to the different characteristics of obese people. The doctor first found the appropriate acupoint on the obese person, chose the appropriate size and used the steel needle that had been disinfected, and tied the acupuncture points at the fastest speed. No pain.

It will feel sour

The needle stays in the body for 40 minutes. Under the stimulation of the needle, the meridians are active, which accelerates the blood circulation, and at the same time releases the heat in the body to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In the case of normal operation, the treatment person will feel a little sour, swelling, and numb, but as soon as the acupuncture is completed, this feeling will disappear immediately, and you can act like a normal person at will.

Not everyone can accept this method of acupuncture, because it seems that it is terrible. However, in various methods, it is suitable for ladies who do not like sports and are unwilling to eat weight loss pills every day. Its needle is directly pointing to obese cells, and even a little pain can tolerate it.

Don’t try expectant mothers

For obese people, more calories are also the cause of obesity. Therefore, the calories in the body can be sent out during acupuncture. In this way, it is to suppress appetite to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Obese can willingly give up food willingly and will not be tormented again.

Acupuncture is to achieve the effect of weight loss by consuming the heat in the body. If it is a expectant mother, do not make this kind of attempt. At this time, the baby in the stomach should strengthen nutrition. How can you grow up healthy?

(Intern editor: Li He)

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