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Langma Information was selected as the only representative of the top 100 Internet companies in China+medical industry

On July 12, the China Internet Association, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Information Center jointly released the 2016 “Top 100 Chinese Internet Enterprises” rankings in Beijing, and the top three rankings are still the Internet giant BAT.

This evaluation is mainly based on the data of Internet companies in 2015 and adopt comprehensive analysis methods to set up 8 indicators representing the business scale, social impact, profitability, growth rate, technological innovation and social responsibility of the business of the enterprise.The final score of the company.

According to the list, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Qihoo 360, Sohu, Netease, Ctrip, Vipshop, and Suning Cloud ranked among the top ten.However, this report reflects the new characteristics of the Chinese Internet industry. The top 100 constitutes more diversion. It covers the major Internet business areas such as comprehensive portals, vertical portals, online videos, online games, and big data services.The strong list is rising.Among them, in the field of medical and health, Guiyang Langma Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Langma Information) has become the only Internet+medical company in the country.

In 2014, Langma Information began to turn to the big health Internet+enterprise.In mid -2014, Langma Information completed the acquisition of the parent company of 39 Health Network; in 2015, Langma Information completed the restructuring of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Guiyang City; in 2016, Langma Information was established.In just two years, Langma Information completed the Internet medical layout.

As the largest health portal facing the user, 39 Health Network can act as a connector and amplifier for high -quality medical resources to alleviate the asymmetry of medical information in my country; 39 Internet Hospital signed a contract with domestic medical experts to carry out the Internet -based on the Internet. Diagnostic business; Guizhou Internet Hospital realizes high -quality resources in local hospitals to sink to grassroots medical care; mobile clients “expensive health” build a closed loop of the people’s medical treatment process and start smart medical health cloud services.At the same time, Langma is also carrying out independent research and development of medical -grade wearable equipment to actively explore how to expand Internet hospitals into Chinese big data health management platforms.

It is reported that the methods of the top 100 Internet companies in China are rigorous, reliable and authoritative, and objectively reflect the development format and industrial structure of my country’s Internet industry.The evaluation and release of the list set the industry benchmark for the enterprise, so that the company can better understand the industry’s status of its own industry at the same time as the company is on the list, and to reasonably establish the development direction and goals.


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