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Lantern Festival, diabetes people are particular about eating Lantern Festival!

The annual Lantern Festival, the lanterns, guessing the lantern, and stillets, the customs of various places are lively, and the taste of the Lantern Festival quietly slipped into the table of the households, eating the Q -borne of the Lantern Festival, and felt the tip of the tongue. tasty. For patients with high blood sugar diabetes, they are particular about eating Lantern Festival. They should not be as unharmed as normal people. Today, they can talk about how to eat the Lantern Festival healthy.

Ordinary Lantern Festival and dumplings, raw materials are glutinous rice flour, consumption of glutinous rice flour can improve blood sugar, and it is a finely grinding fine white rice noodles, which is faster sugar. Most of the filling is black sesame, fruit, bean paste, lard, white sugar … The polysaccharides and fat among these stuffing, in general, they are like a sugar bag.

How do people with diabetes eat the Lantern Festival healthy?

At the same weight of the Lantern Festival, it is faster than ordinary rice noodles, especially mixed grains to increase blood sugar, and higher levels of blood sugar. Patients with diabetes follow the principles of controlling total calories and reasonable food.

In addition to diabetics with particularly high blood sugar and particularly unstable condition, other people with diabetes can eat Lantern Festival.

Diabetes can eat 2-3 Lantern Festival at a time. Generally speaking, the glutinous rice flour used in 3 Lantern Festival is equivalent to the calories of rice used in 1 or two meters.

Before eating the Lantern Festival, it is matched with some vegetables rich in dietary fiber, which is conducive to reducing the sugar lift index and delaying the increase in blood sugar after meals. When eating the Lantern Festival, reduce the intake of the original staple food. For example, after eating 2-3 Lantern Festival, you eat half a bowl of rice.

After eating half an hour, you can take a walk or do other exercise for dozens of minutes, which can not only help the digestion of the stomach, but also a good way to reduce blood sugar after meals.

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special reminder:

In order to better understand the changes in blood sugar, if the diabetic patients have higher blood sugar before meals, it is recommended not to eat it. If the blood sugar after meals is significantly increased, the dose of hypoglycemic drugs or insulin dosage needs to be temporarily increased.

The Lantern Festival’s raw material glutinous rice is not easy to digest, and the speed of digestion of food in elderly diabetes patients is slow. Facing food such as Lantern Festival requires restraint. When blood glucose control is not ideal, it is best not to eat Lantern Festival.

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