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Large doses of medication or increase risk of obsession

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on January 26, a latest study at the University of Washington, USA, found that long -term use of certain drugs may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease) Essence

Anti -allergic drugs, some antidepressants, and medicines for the treatment of bladder hydropathy can block chemical alkaline and affect brain function. The researchers lasted for 7 years to track patients with 3434 years old and over the age of 65 and over, while monitoring their use of these medicines. Among them, 637 people experienced Alzheimer’s disease, and 160 people had other forms of dementia. Those who take the most doses of dementia are 54 % higher than those of non -users. In the study, the risk of dementia will increase for more than 3 years.

Xie Li Grey, the person in charge of the research and professor of the School of Pharmacy of the University of Washington, believes that everyone should not stop the drug on its own based on the research conclusions. Only long -term use can increase risks. Dr. Simon Ridley, the Alzheimer Institute in the United Kingdom, agrees with this view. It is recommended that you use the doctor’s advice. Do not increase the dose at will. Those who use these drugs to observe the symptoms for a long time and find abnormal treatment in time.

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