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Learn these 5 tricks, you will not get diabetes and suffer from diabetes all your life, stay away from amputation/toe pain

Every 30 seconds, one person in the world has an amputation/toe for diabetic foot. Diabetes is a healthy disease that seriously threatens diabetic patients.

Sugar friends should not be scared by this number. This article tells you 5 tricks and strive to do it.

1 Manage blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure

Controlling blood glucose, blood lipids, and blood pressure is the basic skills of diabetes away from complications.

Blood glucose control goals of diabetic patients:

Empty blood glucose: 4.4-7.0mmol/L;

2 hours after meals: less than 10.0 mmol/L;

Sugin hemoglobin is less than 7.0%.

For different people, doctors will set individualized blood glucose control goals to ensure the safety of sugar friends and long -term quality of life.

Diabetes patients with blood pressure control: less than 130/80 mm Hg, elderly or diabetic patients with severe coronary heart disease, blood pressure control targets can be appropriately relaxed.

Blood lipids of diabetic patients must meet the standard: especially low -density lipoprotein cholesterol. The general population of low -density lipoprotein cholesterol is less than 2.6 mmol/L, and cardiovascular disease is combined with cardiovascular disease, and low density lipoprotein cholesterol is less than 1.8 mmol/L.

To achieve the above goals, in addition to drug control, diet cannot be ignored. Change your diet habits, adhere to less oil, less salt, less sugar, and dine regularly. Quit smoking and regular exercise also helps to control blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids.

2 Take care of your feet every day

Beginning with a thousand miles, the feet of diabetic patients must be protected.

1. Check the foot every day, whether there are blisters, redness, broken skin, etc. If you can’t see it clearly, please ask your family to help.

2. After washing your feet every day, rub your feet with a white towel to wipe the emulsion to prevent dry cracks, and keep the toes dry.

3. Do not cut the calluses, do not handle the chicken eyes by yourself, and do not apply the drug arbitrarily. It is best to cut it flat when repairing the toenails, and use a knife to repair the edges to avoid cutting the skin and causing methylitis.

4. In winter, do not use hot water bags, hot pads, electric blankets or hot water to prevent burns from burns.

5. Sandals without barefoot and dew -toe, wear socks before wearing shoes, and check whether there are foreign objects in the shoes.

6. Choose a light -colored socks of cotton sweat, in case of wounds on the feet, it is easy to find. Choose loose socks.

7. Choose thick -bottomed wide -headed shoes so that the toes can be fully stretched. Put on the trial for a few minutes when buying shoes to determine the size of the size.

3 Do the feet nerve and vascular examination once a year

1. Ask your doctor to see your feet: whether there is deformation, dryness, crack, infection, ulcer, chicken eye, nails, onychomycosis, etc. If so, ask the doctor to assist in time.

2. Neurological examination: Use a sound fork to measure the vibration of large nerve fibers in the foot, use 10 grams of nylon wire to measure the pain and lightness of small nerve fibers, and the ankle reflection examination. General hospitals can do it.

3. Vascular examination: touch the pulse of the back and the posterior tibial arteries. If the pulse cannot be touched, the lower limb vascular Doppler ultrasound can be performed or the “ankle procedure” (ABI, which represents the ankle arterial compression and the hybellasm compressor. ratio.

The normal value of the ABI should be greater than 0.9; if the ABI is less than 0.9, it means that the lower limb arterial vascular can harden; if the ABI is less than 0.6, it means that the lower limb vascular lesions are serious).

4 feet are injured, be sure to deal with

Diabetic patients with white blood cells and lymph balls are worse than ordinary people, and small infections may cause serious consequences.

If it is a small wound, after cleaning and disinfection, there are no signs of improvement in three or four days, and even the wound becomes larger. There is redness, pain, pus, and fever. It means that it may be infected and must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

When a wound appears on the foot, it is recommended to eat more zinc -rich foods such as nuts, seafood, milk, eggs, etc., helping to repair the organization and help wound healing.

5 Do the Bohli Movement every day

It is recommended that sugar friends do the Bo’s movement every day. Doing it every day will help promote blood circulation and long -term adherence to help prevent diabetes. The specific method is as follows:

Lie flat, raise your feet 15 to 45 degrees, pill or quilt under your feet, and maintain 3 minutes.

Sitting up slowly, his legs sagged naturally, swinging left and right for 3 minutes.

Lie flat for 3 minutes.

<!-2586: Diabetic terminal page

Repeat 3 times for a total of about 30 minutes.

Have you learned these methods to prevent diabetes?

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