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Learn these three methods, learn these three methods, get rid of the “trouble” of pain

The kidney is an important organ in the waist.Therefore, once low back pain, many people are worried that the kidneys are abnormal. Therefore, many people think that low back pain is equivalent to kidney disease.In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Now let’s take a look at the specific situation of low back pain.

Kidney disease can have back pain, but back pain is not only kidney disease

Let’s take a look at the specific components of the waist first: there are skin on the waist, the waist muscles on the deeper layer, and then the lumbar spine, and the kidneys.Therefore, in addition to kidney disease, there are many other situations that cause back pain.

Case one, waist skin inflammation

The typical symptoms of inflammation are redness and heat pain. If the waist skin is damaged or has other skin infections, it will cause low back pain.If you find back pain, then you may wish to see if there are rashes or wounds on the back of the waist.

Situation two, lumbar muscle strain

If the waist muscles maintain the same posture for a long time, it is easy to cause lumbar muscle strain. The pain caused by this disease is more obscure. If you have similar experiences during low back pain, you may wish to relax the muscles of the lower waist and observe whether the pain is there in the pain.Relieve it.

Case three, lumbar spine problem

Common lumbar vertebral hyperplasia and disc herniation are the causes of back pain. This pain usually lasts for a long time, and it also appears with numbness of hands and feet. This situation needs to be diagnosed at the hospital for targeted examination.

Cause four, kidney disease

There are many kidney diseases, but no matter what kind of kidney disease, low back pain is one of the common symptoms. For example, the pain caused by kidney stones is unbearable.It may cause renal failure.

A simple way to relieve low back pain

Although low back pain is not a big problem, the pain caused to the patient is very uncomfortable, and it can even affect normal life and work. Therefore, for ordinary low back pain, you can choose the following methods to relieve.

Method 1, bridge sports

Take a flat position, put your knees together, and raise your hips, but your head and shoulders cannot leave the bed. Such a movement twice a day, 15 each time, each movement for 5 seconds.

Method 2, Feiyan Movement

Stepping on the position, raising your hands, raising your hands and feet hard backwards. This kind of movement is also twice a day, 15 each time, each movement is maintained for 5 seconds at the same time.

Method three, support movement

Take the prone position, but the two forearms support the body and keep the waist straight. The longer the posture is maintained, the better, and once every day and evening, the posture is maintained at about 3 minutes.

Back pain is actually a very common symptom. Most people have experienced it, so we just need to know low back pain and know what diseases of low back pain will occur. In addition, we must know how to relieve low back pain.Of course, if low back pain continues to exist and there is a situation of worsening, it is the right way to go to the hospital for consultation in time.

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