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Let the baby experience the family affairs upgrade fun parent -child game

While doing housework and taking care of the baby, do parents often feel exhausted? Why not let your baby participate in housework, take him while playing, and cultivate your baby’s self -care and order in the game? Let the housework turn into a parent -child game!

Housework Living Parent -Child Game -living room

Task 1: Get the toy

The toy barrel or storage box (box) can be classified. When it is put away the toy, it is simple and not occupying the space. Tell the baby where her toys are, and where to play from the next time, I have to put it back to cultivate his sense of order.

For example, puzzle, building blocks and other small assembly toys, you can use numbers to numbers behind or use paper stickers.

Task 2: Receive book

Classified by the book, parents can interact with the baby when packing, and tell him, “This is big, put here; this is small, let it go.” Essence

【Baby Learning Corner】

Simple book cleaning can let the baby complete it together, but it is not recommended to let them collect newspapers, because the newspaper has ink, which is easy to make the baby accidentally get in hand and eat them. They should avoid letting them contact.

Task 3: Receive chair cushion

You can play chair cushion games with your baby first. After the game is over, please follow you to put the chair cushion back in situ.

Task 4: Remote controller

Find a large biscuit box to let the baby put the remote control in all directions. If the box is large enough, you can draw the shape of the remote control in the bottom of the box in advance to let the baby put it according to the graphic. On the one hand Essence

Task 5: Hold slippers

You can teach your baby to pair the slippers left and right, insert it together, and put it in the shoe cabinet.

【Baby Learning Corner】

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The size and color of the slippers are different, which allows the baby to learn and understand the size and shape, and the slippers are soft, there is no weight, and there is no danger. It is suitable for the baby to finish it. The parents can rest assured that the baby can collect shoes by themselves and reduce the work weight.

Task 6: sucking ground

You can deliberately throw some small paper chips, let the baby learn to suck the ground. When sucking, tell him “the paper is going home”, and then pour out the garbage together. Things will still appear.

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