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Let’s talk about headache and dizziness

Modern society’s life is fast, life requirements are high, and the negative work is heavy. Many people generally face huge pressure. When the pressure is strong, it will cause headaches and dizziness. Memory decline significantly will also affect normal work and life.

The headache may be stimulated by the meningus, and the blood vessel contraction causes the tension to increase the tension. It may also be a signal that reminds us of the brain to remind us of insufficient oxygen and more oxygen. As long as the blood that contains a lot of oxygen flows into the painful place, the headache will disappear immediately. Dizziness can be caused by various reasons, commonly in fever, hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis, craniocerebral trauma syndrome, neurosis, etc. In addition, it is found in anemia, arrhythmia, heart failure, hypotension, drug poisoning, uremia, asthma, etc. Early dizziness is often often dizzy. Dizziness can appear alone, but often coherent with headaches. When dizziness is accompanied by a balanced sense of consciousness or the space consciousness is determined to the obstacle, the patient feels that the peripheral environment may rotate, move or shake, and is called dizziness.

Migraine (Migraine) is a common recurrent headache disease. Its conditioned characteristics include the severe headaches of the fighting of one or both sides, and most of them occur on the side head. Symptoms such as stimulation.

01. Common recurrent partial side head pain disease

02. Middle -aged and young people and women are more common

03. You can control the condition through the adjustment of lifestyle and drug treatment

04. The general prognosis is good, and it is gradually not developed with the age of the year

Tension headaches, also known as tension headaches, muscle contraction headaches, are common types of functional headache, accounting for about 40%. Refers to the tight or compressive non -fighting headache of the bilateral neck pillow or the whole head, which can be accompanied by or not accompanied by the contraction of the head muscle group, the tenderness or the changes of the muscle image, and the haircut Continuous, the course of disease is not waiting for several days to several years.

01. Common primary headache type

02, manifestations of headache, muscle tension, insomnia and other symptoms

03. Slowly onset, gradually aggravate, last for several days or years

04. Mainly drug treatment and physical therapy

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