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Lettuce is anti -cancer overlord. Can it kill cancer cells and alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy?The truth is here

“Lettuce is a” Qianjin cuisine “of people’s mouths, which is also called” anti -cancer overlord dish “. Because it is rich in aromatic hydroxylidal ester, it can prevent cancer. At the same time, consumption of lettuce can also help relieve cancer patients. The side effects of radiotherapy chemotherapy are higher than many foods. “

This is a description of lettuce on an online article. It seems that lettuce has a very magical food effect, and there are many more such articles.

Everyone should be very familiar with lettuce, especially friends in the south. Talking together today, can lettuce really fight cancer?

First, is the oil and vegetables of the lettuce?

The lettuce leaves are very similar to that of leather vegetables, and there is really blood relationship between the two.

Lettuce and oil -wheat dishes are a species -lettuce. Lettuce was widely cultivated as early as the Tang Dynasty. The derivatives under this species include lettuce, tribute, and so on.

The lettuce and tributary belong to the lettuce for the stems, and the lettuce is the early breed of planting, and then the breed of lettuce was cultivated. After drying it, it was a tribute.

Lettuce and oil -wheat vegetables belong to the lettuce for leaves. Over time, lettuce also crossed the sea into our table. There are many types of lettuce, and the aliases are one of the cowli lettuce. However, some people do not think that raw vegetables are lettuce. In short, lettuce and oil vegetables are varieties of lettuce.

Therefore, the lettuce and the oil -wheat dishes are a major category of lettuce. The difference is that the lettuce is eaten stems and the leather vegetables are eaten.

Second, lettuce is a good thing, but can it be anti -cancer?

Fresh lettuce is crispy and sweet, which is a very common meal on the table, but in recent years, there have been rumors that lettuce can resist cancer. Is this true?

In fact, the level of carbohydrates of lettuce is very low, but it is rich in hydrochloric acid and a variety of vitamins. Among them, tobaccoic acid can resist hyperlipidemia, and the content of potassium in lettuce is very high. benefit.

Not only are the lettuce stems nutritious, but also the lettuce leaves are not bad. The content of vitamins, dietary fiber and trace elements in the lettuce leaves is higher than that of lettuce. Do not discard the leaves when cooking lettuce.

Among the anti -cancer foods released by the American Anti -Cancer Association, lettuce ranked second, but this did not directly illustrate the lettuce anti -cancer.

First of all, the relevant research is a certain ingredient extraction of lettuce. It also needs to reach a certain concentration during animal experiments, and the component concentration contained in the weight of lettuce in daily life is not enough.

Secondly, the nutrition of food needs to be intake of digestive tract, but at the same time, it will be broken down by digestive enzymes. Some components in lettuce may lose their original effects.

Lettuce is indeed good for the body. Whether it is anti -cancer and anti -cancer, or to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, the diet alone is unscientific. It is the most critical to balance and reasonably match the diet.

In addition, the lettuce biochemical contained in lettuce is easy to stimulate our visual nerves. Therefore, although the lettuce is not suitable to eat more, it should not exceed 200g a day, as well as the spleen and stomach deficiency, the women in the physiological period, the eye diseases, and the diarrhea people. It is not suitable to eat more lettuce.


3. What can I eat to kill cancer cells?

Cancer is becoming more and more common, and many people will try their best to prevent cancer and cancer. There are also many reports of “anti -cancer foods” circulating on the Internet.

The current extensive anti -cancer foods include garlic, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc. The content of each article also provides the anti -cancer index, which looks very “scientific”.

Objective analysis, these foods are actually pretty good. Everyone can eat more, but if you eat more about these foods to achieve the purpose of anti -cancer, then it is not necessary.

Oncologist Pan Zhanhe said that the first thing to do with cancer is a clear diagnosis and then standardized treatment. If you only think of which foods can help kill cancer cells, it is delaying treatment.

Many people may refute that people always have to eat. Regardless of whether it can resist cancer, just eat it. Food is always eaten. This is true, but if you eat with the purpose of anti -cancer, you cannot achieve diverse diet and diversification, which will inevitably have a negative impact on the body.

And the anti -cancer foods circulating on the Internet have multiple data support, which looks very reliable, but the experiment is mostly to extract the anticancer component of some kinds of food. It is confirmed that it can kill cancer cells in in vitro experiments. This is not equal to people eating. This kind of food can resist cancer!

Therefore, it is unreliable to eat more foods to prevent cancer and cure cancer. However, correct eating does help prevent cancer. How to eat it? Change the bad eating habits, reasonable and balanced and diverse diet, this is the correct and healthy eating.

The National Cancer Center Thesis found that the biggest risk factor for Chinese women to suffer from cancer is insufficient fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, many cancers have a certain relationship with eating, especially the following foods that have been clearly specified that there are 1 type of carcinogenicity, and they cannot eat more deliciously.

Mold -changing food, containing strong carcinogenycin, likes to hide foods, corn, soybeans, rice and other foods, which are harmful to the human body, especially damage to liver function.

Chinese -style salted fish, due to the production process, a lot of salt will be added for marinating and exposed to exposure, which is prone to produce nitrite. The substance can react in the stomach to generate carcinogen nitrosamine. The risk of illness. Alcohol, gradually damage the liver, will hurt the liver once every time you drink. Through continuous accumulation, alcoholic fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis may occur, develop into alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.

Betel nut is not only addictive, but also hurts the mouth. Long -term eating causes the risk of periodontal disease, oral mucosal leukoplakia, and oral cancer.

In recent years, the incidence of cancer has continued to increase, which has a large relationship with genetic, environmental, and personal bad habits. After diagnosis of cancer, actively treat it, instead of being pinned in a certain food. Of course, food such as lettuce does have the body. Benefits, but it is not delicious to eat, and a balanced diet is the right eating.

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