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Leucorrhea yellow belt blood wire

Women’s gynecological health issues have been paid more and more attention in recent years. Most women also know that they should observe more leucorrhea and menstrual conditions, and they will do regular medical examinations. Some female friends who found their leucorrhea suddenly yellow and blood wire wanted to know what caused the leucorrhea yellow belt blood wire?

Leucorrhea yellow blood wire cause 1: inflammation stimulus

Most of the cases of leucorrhea yellow hair are caused by inflammation and stimulation. Women’s vagina and cervix are relatively prone to inflammation, because the vagina is easily infected by the germs and dirt on the male genitals when the vagina is sexually related to the opposite sex. If you do n’t do any cleaning work before, the cervix will be more dangerous, and women usually come to leucorrhea. If the vulva is not cleaned in time after leucorrhea, it will cause bacteria to breed. Treatment will continue to invade inside, and the cervix will also be violated by bacteria. After these parts are inflamed, if there is further ulcer, pus and blood will flow out together to form yellow leucorrhea with blood.

Leucorrhea yellow blood wire cause two: ovulation period reaction

During the ovulation period, if women’s ovaries have clever or other cysts, the leucorrhea color will be yellow, and women’s ovaries will not secrete estrogen during ovulation. It is not a very healthy uterine endometrium that will shrink and fall off due to lack of nutrition, which will form a blood ribbon, so sometimes the leucorrhea is some symptoms of the ovulation period, but you should also go to the hospital for a detailed examination. If ovarian cysts are found Treatment as soon as possible.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows what is caused by the leucorrhea yellow belt blood wire. I hope that all female friends can do their own physical care. They usually pay attention to the health and health of the vulva, and eat more foods containing vitamin C. The chance of reducing the vagina and cervical inflammation can also improve the immunity in gynecology. In addition, do not rush to sexual intercourse after the end of the menstrual period. It should be waited for the sexual relationship until it is completely clean. At this time, it is easy to infect the cervix.

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