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Li Jiaxin’s pregnancy menu is not long -lasting

Li Jiaxin’s first postpartum photo released on Weibo, the beauty is unspeakable, which is amazing why the little JM weighs six pounds, but the beautiful mummy is fat and not fat. Therefore, recently, Li Jiaxin’s pregnancy menu has been circulated in the outside world.

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Breakfast: 1 cup of ablicit milk, 2 protein, a bowl of oatmeal.

Lunch: 1 bowl of fried beef or steamed fish, 1 bowl of rice, mulberry parasitic eucommia black dates tea.

Afternoon tea: fruit salad, low -fat cheese.

Dinner: appetizing sweet acid pork ribs or steamed meat cakes, 2 bowls of garlic fried heart, 1 bowl of rice, pigeon red dates soup.

If you simply make this menu to evaluate, in general, it is OK. There are a lot of fish, egg milk, staple food, vegetables, fruits, and fruits, at least a nutritional balance. There are also rumors that she eats nearly 100,000 Hong Kong dollars every day.

But if we look closely, it is not difficult to find that although it is emphasized that long tires are not long, we just emphasize that it is on skimmed milk and protein, and the arrangement is not reasonable.

1. Disciplinary milk and protein are not very useful for weight loss

The fat content of whole milk milk is only 3%, and 0.5%of the abandoned, so it is to eat whole milk, and the fat content will not be high, but the nutritional value of skim milk is much lower. The reason why milk has a special aroma depends on the volatile ingredients in the fat. If there is no fat, the aroma will be insufficient, and the milk will not taste it; second, the milk contains a variety of vitamins, of which fat -soluble vitamins A. D, E and K are all contained in the fat of milk. If the fat in milk is removed, these vitamins will be lost, which is not good for children’s growth and development, especially the loss of vitamin A and D. It is very important to the vision of the fetus, the growth of the fetus, and the calcium. The high calcium contained in milk actually has another magical effect. It can be said that the fat that can be eaten to form soap -like substances can be eliminated, which will not cause people to get fat.

People think that the protein in eggs is the most nutritious and the concentration of protein. In fact, the protein content in the egg white is only about 11%, but the moisture accounts for 88%, especially vitamins. The valuable is vitamin A and D, and vitamin K and vitamin E. In the egg white, there are no traces of their traces at all. It can be said that among the 13 kinds of vitamins required by the human body, there are 12 types of egg yolk. At the same time, it also contains an important neurotransmitter to help the fetus synthesize, which is extremely beneficial to the brain, and promotes protein synthesis, promotes fat forgiving, and reduces fat deposits. Some people may think that egg yolks contain cholesterol. , But the egg yolk contains phospholipids that can reduce cholesterol, and there is no problem with eating an egg a day. If you eat eggs without egg yolk, what do you eat? Add calcium.

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