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Li Yang is also good at domestic violence?Interpret the pathological psychology of domestic violence

On September 4, netizens signed “Lina Hua” posted on Weibo saying: “Li Yang, you need help. Family violence is a serious problem. I am worried about my husband and my family. Your child needs them Dad. I don’t know what to do! “There was also a photo of a foreign woman’s forehead, and photos of the knees and ears.

Li Yang’s foreign wife “Kim”

It is reported that Li Yang has three daughters, the boss is Li Li, the second name is Li Na, and the third name is Li Hua. Moreover, the text on Weibo is like talking between husband and wife. Therefore, some netizens believe that “Lina Hua’s MOM” is Li Yang’s foreign wife “Kim”. Kim is an American. He came to China in 1998 and met Li Yang and became his foreign teacher. The latter two married and had 3 children.

“Lina Hua’s MOM” Weibo

On Weibo, “Lina Hua’s MOM” is mostly written in English. After translating it into Chinese, words are more complained. For example, “It Would Be Easier If Love Had Just Disappeared the Minute that Your Hand Struck My Face, But it dig not. Seeing that you we have having make up applied for tv applearance that i was in hostal harts more than your health on the floor. ” Everything will be much simpler, but unfortunately. When I was in the hospital, you apply fat and powder to appear on the TV. Seeing that you make my head hit the ground even more than you.)

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