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Liao Diao Zhu Hao Puppet


Liao Diao Zhu is named Diao Zhu, Xiaoyao Bamboo, etc., perennial herbs.Its flavor and warm.Return to the stomach, liver meridian.


Liao Diaozhu has the effects of analgesic, cough, swelling, promoting blood circulation and detoxifying.

Liao Diao Zhu Hao Puppet

Treating diseases

Indications at stomach pain, toothache, rheumatism, menstrual abdominal pain, chronic bronchitis, ascites, edema, dysentery, enteritis, eczema, urticaria.At the same time, it has a good treatment effect on the bite and swelling and pain of poisonous snakes.


The weak people are cautious.Those with spleen deficiency and lung heat should not be eaten. Liaoliao bamboo taste is spicy and warm. After consumption, it will cause heat in the body. Patients with heavy heat in the body will increase the symptoms of discomfort after consumption.Pregnant women, infants, and women should be used with caution to use the doctor’s advice.

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