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Life lies in exercise, or is it static to make people live long?After 50 years old, these 4 things are better than exercise

A special person in the hospital.

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Others were injured because of sudden diseases or accidents, but Uncle Yan successfully sent himself to the hospital because of walking. Uncle Yan, 68 years old and overweight, heard that walking is helpful for improving the cardiovascular, and he began to develop a walking habit.

At first, Uncle Yan, who did not exercise, took 20 minutes after dinner every day, and still felt that he had fully exercised. However, after adapting to this amount of exercise, the walking time gradually increased every day. By the time of walking for an hour, you must reach 10,000 steps a day.

Although he couldn’t help eating, he thought that this was good for the cardiovascular, and that he thought that as long as he insisted on it, he had a good mentality, and he persisted until he had joint water.

1. Is walking good for blood vessels?

Having said that, is it good for walking for cardiovascular?

Compared to other sports, walking does not seem to have much advantage. It can not make people grow muscles in the short term like push -ups and tracts, and make people more powerful in the short term. It can protect our joints with muscles, nor can they enhance endurance such as running and swimming.

However, walking for middle -aged and elderly people with a decrease in physical strength and bone aging is an ideal way of exercise, especially people who have no exercise habits when they are young.

Compared with sitting for a long time, walking can promote blood circulation, make the blood not sticky, and have considerable benefits to cardiovascular.

According to a research published in “Liu Ye Dao”, the survey is based on a drug assessment research participated in 9306 people. Participants follow the low -fat diet and regular exercise, and they also need to follow them to follow them to start and one year later. Case. The results show that every 2000 steps at the beginning of a person can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke or more than 6 years of heart disease. Take a walk every day to reduce the risk of cardiovascular incidents of high -risk groups of diabetes or prone to heart disease.


Second, why does Uncle Yan still have joint water?

The walking is really good for cardiovascular, so why does Uncle Yan still water?

Walking is a small activity of exercise. Its benefits are that they have long -term accumulation compared to the long -term activity time, and the benefits of cardiovascular and other bodies need to be accumulated for a long time. Excessive walking or standing time every day will hurt the fascia and knee joints.

Uncle Yan usually exercises less, age, and exceeds the standard. Increasing the walking time in the short term will bring trauma to his joints and fascia because there is no sufficient muscle support. He had a joint water problem.

Knee joint activities need to be lubricated to reduce joint wear. The joint effusion is the lubricating oil of the knee joint, and the knee joint will automatically adjust the secretion of the effusion. For example, it will be secreted a little more when running.

When the joint synic membrane that is responsible for secreting and absorbing the effusion, the effusion may be excessively secreted or unable to absorb the so -called joint water.

The elderly and knee joints are too large, and the body is obese, which is prone to chronic damaged synovitis, causing excessive joints to occur. Uncle Yan is likely to take a long walk because of its weight, which leads to joint water.

3. Don’t be “greedy” in middle-aged and elderly people, scatter 6000-8000 steps a day

Therefore, any exercise, including very relaxed sports like walking, should not be excessive.

Middle -aged and elderly people need to pay attention to speed and duration. Generally speaking, the walking speed is controlled between 120 and 150 steps per minute, which is too slow. The duration is controlled at least 30 minutes. It is best not to stop during the period. Some studies say that this length can effectively reduce blood sugar.

In addition, the correct posture and route are also important. When walking, keep your chest, look up, and swing your arm, which is conducive to the coordination of the whole body, and you should notice the unsafe factors of the vehicle and potholes on the road in time.

For a walk for health, it is recommended to choose a place where the air is fresh and prosperous. For the elderly, flat terrain can reduce joint load. In addition, for elderly people with prostate problems, we should find a place to facilitate the toilet to take a walk.

Fourth, after the age of 50, do these 4 things better than exercise

Everyone is very different. Some people can still participate in running games at the age of 90. But most people have no amount of long -term exercise in their young and old, and they only think of the importance of exercise until they are old.

Of course, no matter what time, the appropriate amount of exercise is good at any time. In addition, do these things well, you don’t have to exercise less.

1. Emotional stability

Emotional long -term mental depression, anxiety, tension and other factors will cause sympathetic nerve excitement. The activity of the adrenal system is significantly enhanced. Under the common effect of sympathetic nerve and adrenaline, the heart contraction force is strengthened, the heart rate is accelerated, the blood pressure cycle increases, the output of the heart Increased amount of arterial blood pressure, which will increase the health of the cardiovascular vessels. Many elderly people have cardiovascular disease. For them, stable emotions are important. Because this is related to their blood pressure fluctuations, it is also related to their health and life.

2. Try to eat

What is said here is not to make you the smell of the mountains every day, but to be willing to invest in healthy food. The first is to eat fresh food, because the nutrition of fresh food is well preserved. The second is to balance nutrition, eat more vegetables and coarse grains, and supplement trace elements; appropriate amount of fish, supplement iron, calcium, and protein. 3. Drink water regularly

When people are short of water, they will send thirst signals, but they are old. This signal will be slow. That is to say, they are thirsty, but people have not found them in time. Therefore, the elderly should keep the habit of drinking water regularly, and drinking water per day should be between 1500-1700 ml.

In addition to the above -mentioned maintenance of the body, mental health is also very important. The elderly should try to maintain a pleasant mood, or communicate more with others, or cultivate the hobbies that make themselves happy.

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