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Line, line singing protagonist

Is the child’s paintings be bright and bright and colorful? It is only created by changes in lines and no longer paint. Can children draw excellent works?

Only by using the changes of the lines, the painting that is no longer coloring is the “line drawing” that is often referred to. Line drawing is an ancient and primitive way of painting, and it is also one of the ways of traditional painting in my country. Traditional techniques in Chinese painting -eighteen trails are vivid painting methods of various lines. The line drawing in the history of Chinese painting can be traced back to the painting in Yangshao culture from the modern ink painting. The use of lines has its own style.

In fact, the line drawing is in line with the children’s thinking mode, and they are very easy to master. In the child’s pen, the lines flow freely and cheerfully, and there are many excellent works.

The 1st to a half -year -old graffiti game grabs the pen and put the pen tip to the paper to move. Oh my god! A variety of circles, dots, horizontal, and vertical. Gradually, the messy lines, curves, and spiral lines like snails … How amazing! Of course, at this time, he also controlled the strength of poor hands, and it was easy to draw painting on the side of the paper. He didn’t even know that he should draw the pen on the paper.

In this random drawing, the children started their initial graffiti experiments. I often use the stories to use a pen with a variety of strokes (children’s rough marks, charcoal strips, color pencils, crayons, etc.) for different thicknesses. The pen draws the traces of different thickness on the paper.

At the beginning of the game, I will make a variety of pens. For example, the lines of Mark pen are thick and heavy, like mothers; charcoal strips are thick, and the black lines drawn are also a bit rough, dad; charcoal dad and Mark mother have a lot of thin color pencil girls and naughty Cute crayon male babies; their big family has a happy thing every day.

You can also write special stories to your baby according to the uniqueness of your family. After the story is guided by the story, you can give the pen to the child to play!

Tip this will be the first step for children to move towards the art of painting. If the baby’s “disorderly painting” at this time can get the attention of the parents, it will bring a lot of confidence and strength to the child.

What surprised the brush is also amazing that such a small baby is usually very interested in drawing brush painting. They like brushes and rice paper very much, and they also like to express different thickness lines with soft brushes.

Talk to him and draw the flowers and plants around him, and the big sun, which can help him show other things he likes in his life. Sometimes he also wants you to draw with him, and you can use the pen to tell the stories of his pen on his own paper.

Tips to attract children’s interests through interesting explanations, and make children immerse children immerse in the line drawn in the world of line drawing by changing the pens of different thickness, paper of different colors, and inspiration of different stories. In addition, children at this stage have not concentrated their attention for a long time, and they must give him some room for relaxation and rest appropriately.

Related links that are not suitable for coloring are often seen in many kindergarten art classes or extra -curricular painting classes: let children first outline the outline of the object with a single pen, and then paint color in the contour.

This color -painted activity has been criticized by some art educators. They think that this method is boring, just to look good, and cannot satisfy those children who want to express their ideas with painting.

At the age of 3 to 4, he expresses himself now that children have developed some simple lines from the unconsciousness of the graffiti period to express themselves. During this period, the “tadpoles” painted by children during this period, instead of painting, is a symbol of language. He will point them to them and say, “This is a ball.” Or “This is a baby …”

Prepare paper and various pens (blackboards and boards) for children, and encourage him to try. In addition, at this time, his hand strength was not enough, and he could do more activities of pinching mud and building blocks.

Many children in the plant world like this theme very much. Take your child to a certain plant, look at it together, try the brush to reproduce it. In the process of painting, encourage children to try more lines. For example, the long line is a high -growing plant, and the short is shorter plants. The leaves also have different shapes: round, ellipse …

The line drawing activities performed by the baby must be interesting and gameplay. Use the activity of the child to replace the boring drawing, so that the child understands the diversity of the lines in the “disorderly writing”. Finding different beauty brought by the lines is prepared for future creation.

At this stage of the “line drawing” expert 4 to 6 years old, children can easily draw a “beautiful” line drawing. You will find that his work pays more and more attention to details, more cute, more interesting, and full of imagination and creativity.

I consciously choose the material that the child likes to draw with him: such as small snails, shoes, transportation, etc., or after reading a story, listening to a music, ask him to draw the hearing … In short, let him draw freely. ! Also, give him more opportunities to “say” his work.

Happy snails to find snails in the pet market or outdoors. It is best not to draw immediately. First, use some time to observe and touch with the children to let children better understand the lifestyle of snails.

Draw the shell of the snail with a spiral line, and draw the head and tail of the snail with various irregular lines. Use different stories to trigger children to create more snails of different sizes (snail father, mother, friend, etc.) … The snails in children’s writing can travel everywhere! Encourage children to draw other patterns with threads: Can you draw your imagination? The pattern? Give children more space, and the surprise will be greater. In the line painting at this stage, don’t emphasize too much emphasis on “like”, encourage children to use different methods such as thickness, hardness, longness, size, virtual reality, sparseness, etc. It becomes a point, it becomes the shape, and it becomes the simplest and vivid words in the expression of painting to create a sense of space and material in the eyes of children and unique personality.

Related link stick figures, cartoon paintings, and children’s line drawing differentiation, cartoon painting and children’s line drawing are very close to the effect of the screen. They are depicted by the lines to form the picture. The painting tools are also relatively simple, and painting can be made anytime, anywhere.

Slimming is a way of drawing the image such as animals and plants and using less lines and images. This kind of painting image is simple, distinctive, and easy to distinguish between children. But due to excessive simplification, many vivid details lack. The expression of things is easy to be superficial and monotonized.

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Cartoon painting also uses a line to express the object, which has more exaggerated deformation treatment with the authors’ personal style than stick drawing. Emphasizing the anthropomorphic treatment of objects can make children feel intimacy. However, cartoons are usually made through the flow line, although interesting but disconnected from the real world.

Children’s line drawing uses the outline and details of the object with a monochrome pen to express the child’s feelings and imagination of things with a monochrome pen.

(Intern editor: Zhang Lijuan)


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