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Listen to music with your baby

There is no doubt that music makes the baby smarter.

For babies 0 to 3 years old, the most suitable music activity should be to let him explore the sound, do action with music, recite children’s songs with simple repetitive words, and proper singing. The purpose of these activities is not to create a complete sound space, but the baby’s brain has a concept of music. The reason why it is important is because “the enlightenment of music during this period … is starting to be completely different from the way of words.” Ruer’s “Pig Pig Fulling to the market, the piglets are full of staying at home” always recite with a bright rhythm. The baby can experience and notice the phrases, beats, etc. Preparation is very helpful for the development of language, action, etc. at the same time.

Let the home bathe in the music atmosphere

Your enthusiasm for music is very important for infants and young children before the age of 3, what you do or not, will have a lifelong impact on your baby. Here, what you do is not unusual in music. You don’t have to be a performer, and there is no need to invite a string orchestra to practice at home. However, one of your simple hums will impress your baby. The baby is good at guessing what is really important for adults. Your body language, verbal expression, action, or attention to music are very convincing. So you have to do a good job to show your enthusiastic attention to music.

Play family background music

When we dine at an elegant restaurant, we will find that music adds some atmosphere. Similarly, you can also make your home more warm by adding music and make your baby’s surroundings full of music. At home, playing some music as the background, the baby took a music class unconsciously. Just as a small baby does not understand the content of the conversation around him, he may also not understand the music around, but the music in the environment can subtly let the baby be able to fulfill the basic elements of music and integrate these elements into his concept middle.

Listen to music with your baby

Choose a short music that you really like, don’t take too long, listen with your baby, and tell your feelings about music. What is conveyed to your baby is your love for music, don’t care right or wrong. The key is to express yourself yourself Feelings.

Extend the baby’s music space

Some families already have conditions to allow babies to receive music education at home, but they often face various styles of music choices. Therefore Infiltrate the baby only to appreciate a specific style of music according to your preference, so that the opportunity will be destroyed. Although the baby is still young, at the stage of discovery and cultivation of the baby’s music talent at the age of 0 to 3, his ability to accept is often multi -channel. He should explore the entire music world, especially those music styles you are not familiar with, just There is a balanced diet structure like eating.

Happy dance with your baby

Music and dance are combined, especially the babies’ thoughts are expressed through action. If he only let him listen, there is no action performance, it is a restriction on the baby. When the baby can’t walk or even earlier, you can find that many of his actions have a sense of rhythm. When dancing with the baby, focusing on music is important, making him feel music to make him happy.

Feel on live music happily with your baby

Although the baby is still small, there is nothing to compare with experience and experience. Seeing the performers, instruments, audiences, and lights, these will excite the baby. If you can ensure that your baby does not affect other people to appreciate the music, it will be a pleasant experience to bring your baby to watch some music performances.

Excellent Chinese and foreign music recommendations

The elegant Chinese classical music “Spring River Flower Moon Night” and “Plum Blossom Three” melody is beautiful and smooth, and the form is elegant and unique; the melody of “Alpine and Flowing Water” is elegant and timeless; “Yang Chun White Snow” melody is fresh and smooth. The top ten classical music in China is a very good choice. The music structures of these songs are concentrated, rigorous, and rich, and the music image is also very distinct. In addition to the improvement of the basic music literacy, it is also the most important thing. As a background music, the impact on the baby is subtle.

Beautiful light music

The night song of composers such as Schubert, Tchaikovsky, etc., is very suitable for babies to listen. The sweet melody of these songs permeated in a gentle atmosphere, and naturally showed warm and unspeakable emotions. The relaxed music content is filled with the aroma of art. When listening, you will feel comfortable and happy.

Schuman’s piano song “Fantasy Song” can bring the baby to a quiet and sweet dream world.

Famous Chinese and foreign music works or fragments in it

Such as Bach’s piano and violin concerto. Some people say that Bach’s music contains a very touching thing, just like the mother’s hand, can calm the restlessness in his heart, and his music can calm the baby.

The symphony of Haydn. The crying baby stopped crying when he heard such a concert and calmed down slowly.

There are also “Fire Fire Fire” (He Luoting Qu); “Yao Dance”; “Turkish Music” (Beethoven) and so on.

The famous music works are widely circulated, and their vitality is given by people, and they also affect people in a unique way. It is also a work that brings appreciation to people, and the impact on our subtle influence cannot be ignored. Simple music created for children

Such as “Birds” (Luo Zhong Rongqu); “Fluttering Butterfly” (Ding Shan Dequ); “Frog Chorus” (Thompson song); “Snowflake Flying” (Debao Siqu); ); “Animal Carnival Music” (St. Sang Qu) and so on.

Because these are simple instrumental music for children, it is more conducive to stimulating the baby’s interest, and it can also be expressed by action.

The instrumental music adapted by the song

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Such as “Little White Boat” (based on Korean nursery rhymes); “Jasmine” (adapted from Jiangsu folk songs); “Song of the Sea” (adapted from Japanese folk songs); “Samydma” (He Luoting is adapted from Mongolian folk songs) and so on.

These excellent adaptation works with local characteristics are conducive to babies to feel different styles of music.

(Editor in charge: Lei Yuxuan)

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