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Little acupuncture disinfection has a college question!Take notes!

Acupuncture is a traditional characteristic therapy in my country. The effect of treating diseases has also been increasingly recognized and favored by the public, but the four disinfection preparations before acupuncture must not be sloppy!

1. Acupuncture before acupuncture for half an hour to get it for half an hour

Most clinical needles are now disposable, so there is no need to deliberately disinfect before acupuncture. But how to disinfect the non -one -time needle? In fact, it is also very simple!

Prepare 75%ethanol, put the needle in the needle for about 30 minutes, remove it with a sterile cotton ball, then place it in the needle discs, and cover the dust with a fungi towel or gauze.

2. Don’t forget to disinfection of acupuncture operators’ fingers

In addition to the disinfection of acupuncture, acupuncture operator’s fingers should also be disinfected. Many people start to enter the needle after picking up the needle, which is absolutely necessary. Acupuncture and bacteria such as the finger of acupuncture may be contaminated with the needle to reach the needle, causing needle infection.

Therefore, those who want to disinfect acupuncture may wish to do this: Wipe your fingers with alcohol cotton balls after washing your hands.

3. In addition to acupuncture and hands, the acupuncture points must also be disinfected

In addition to the disinfection of the finger of the operator, do not forget to disinfect the sterilization of acupuncture and surroundings. Disinfection with alcohol cotton balls or iodine cotton signs is feasible.

When disinfection, it should be disinfected from the center point of acupuncture points, because relative to the center, the outer circle is a relatively polluted area, and it cannot be disinfected from the outer circle to the inner circle, otherwise the bacteria in the outer ring will come in!

4. Acupuncture and treatment of disinfection around the environment

The environment of acupuncture treatment is particular. For example, blankets, mattresses, and pillows are regularly washed. Keeping ventilation and ventilation in the room must be done. Do not be sloppy because of laziness!

Therefore, acupuncture and disinfection have university questions, and treating it seriously is not only to the surgeon, but also the responsibilities of acupuncture objects. Do not forget!

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