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Little babies often vomit nursing mother to deal with good tricks

Newborn vomiting milk is normal. Most babies basically vomit milk several times a few months after their birth. What is going on?

Baby vomiting nursing mother to deal with wonderful tricks

Reasons for newborn vomiting

Newborn vomiting milk is not only caused by changing the posture after breastfeeding. The main reason is the characteristics of infant physiological, but their stomach and throat have not yet matured.

The stomach of the newborn is lying horizontally from the front, it is unstable, and at the same time, it is relatively loose. In other words, when adults eat, when the food enters the stomach, the cardia will shrink to prevent the food from flowing back to the cauliflower. However, because the baby’s gastric cardia is not well contracted, the milk that enters the stomach can easily flow back to the esophagus.

Breastfeeding vomiting cause

1. Before breastfeeding, the baby is crying or having a hurry, and it is easy to inhale the air. When the air overflows from the stomach, the milk is used to vomit;

2. If the baby sucks too long (normal breastfeeding is 10-15 minutes) or sucks without milk, and even suck too much air;

3. After breastfeeding, put the newborn flat or overwhelm the newborn.

4. Incorrect milk -breaking method is also one of the causes of vomiting. Forcibly feeding or difficulty in accepting new foods will vomit.

Reasons for artificial feeding vomiting

1. Newborns who are fed artificially, because the pacifier is too large, the milk juice flows too quickly, or the holes are too small for a long time;

2. The size of the pacifier hole should be slowly dripping when the milk bottle is inverted. The feeding time of each bottle of milk does not exceed 10-15 minutes;

3. Formula milk is too hot or too cold, and the stomach of infants and young children is difficult to adapt, which will cause vomiting;

4. Excessive dilution of formula milk or milk powder brands often change. Infants and young children are fragile and cannot effectively absorb and decompose.

Prevent baby vomiting tips

1. Breastfeeding baby

(1) Take a suitable breastfeeding posture, try to raise the baby as much as possible, so that the baby’s body is in a tilted state of about 45 degrees, so that the opportunity to vomit vomiting will be reduced than lying on the flat feeding.

(2) After breastfeeding, pick up the baby vertically, pat the back of the baby, and let the baby inhale the air in the stomach when they are snoring, and then put the baby on the bed. Sitrier.

(3) After breastfeeding, you should not let the baby stand upright immediately, but should lie on the side for a while, and then change it to supine.

(4) The amount of breastfeeding should not be too much each time, and the interval should not be too short.

2. Artificial feeding baby

(1) When choosing a pacifier, we must consider the size of the pacifier’s hole and choose the one that suits them.

(2) Be careful not to let the baby eat too anxiously

(3) Pay attention to snoring during breastfeeding and after eating

(4) It is best to be less and diligent in feeding

Daily care of milk babies

After the child is 3-4 months old, not only can he master the sucking skills well, but the contraction function of the cardia has also developed, so the number of vomiting will be significantly reduced. Before that, after each feeding, we were better to help the children shoot.

The method of helping children to hiccups is to hold the child erected for more than 5 minutes, which is the basic method to help children pat. If your child still cannot hiccups, you can also try to massage the child’s back with your palm. Socate the child’s chin and let the child sit up. Let the child sit on their legs, and then lightly pat the back. Because when the child is sitting, the entrance to the stomach is facing up, so snoring is easier.

But sometimes the baby can’t beat it, because the air in the stomach is sometimes sandwiched in the milk juice that is inhaled front and rear. At this time, if the child’s upper body stands upright, it will be beneficial to the excretion of air in the stomach. Therefore, the mother can hold the child upright, or can raise the back to keep the upper body tilt for about 30 minutes.

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Experts claim that children who vomit milk are relatively poor. When adding supplementary foods, they should be added a small amount, from one to multiple adds, from thin to thick, eat light and easy to digest food. At the same time, you can also use drugs for conditioning. For example, if you vomit severe vomiting, you can eat mamolin (dopinol) or vitamin B6, as well as some drugs that help digestion such as Mummy Ai and Peifang. Traditional Chinese medicine to mediate gastrointestinal function to reduce vomiting.

Reminder: The milk of the vomiting is a tofu residue, which is the result of the effect of milk and gastric acid, which is normal. If the baby vomits frequently, it is yellow -green, brown liquid, or accompanied by fever, diarrhea and other symptoms. It is a morbid state.

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