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The cause of foreskin balanitis is caused by infection and non -infection. Due to unclean sexual intercourse, white Candida, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, chlamydia and gonorrhea can be caused, which can cause foreskin balanitis. Non -infectious factors are mostly due to the long foreskin and insufficient cleaning. The unclean objects between the foreskin and the glans, that is, the foreskin, will accumulate to stimulate the local foreskin and mucosa inflammation.

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What are the causes of foreskin balanitis? Organic experts in Beijing Shengsheng Hospital said that foreskin balanitis can be roughly divided into four categories: trauma, contact, drug nature, and infection. When the zipper clamping, and the injury of sexual intercourse, the foreskin may be quite red and swollen and painful at this time. If it is injured by the parasitic infection with the penis, it will feel itching. Or cause of ointment drugs.

The foreskin balanitis caused by the drug often has itching and burning sensation, and the parts that cause infection are not as large as the infected foreskin balanitis, but a single or small piece of a very shallow script, and the boundaries are obvious. The most important thing is to take a certain medicine first, the most common of which causes this inflammation is tetracycline.

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Infectious foreskin balanitis is the most common foreskin balanitis, which causes the original bacteria, mold or parasites of the pathogenic infected. The most commonly caused by the mold is Candida. In addition to the redness and swelling of the foreskin or the glans, sometimes it is sometimes swollen and swollen. Sometimes sometimes It can be seen that the small but irregular, and the erosive white spots are covered on the surface of the glans, and the foreskin balanitis caused by vaginal trichomonas (parasites) is usually ulcer -shaped, as well as a erosive balanitis due to bacterial infection due to bacterial infections The patients who occur in phimosis usually have stench secretions, and the surface of the glans will present many small round and superficial erosion.

Syphilis also causes balanitis, but it usually appears white fusion surface on the glans after the lower sink and the glans will appear edema. The object is not the same. If it is suspected to be caused by syphilis spiral bodies, it can be used for blood tests to check the syphilis serum response and condensate test to distinguish the syphilis or general bacteria or other infectious foreskin balanitis.

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