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Little parent -child game skewers

A small group of parent -child games allow you to grow and gain with your children in the happy CCP …

One day’s plan lies in the morning

Use morning exercises to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of children: exercise with children of different ages; identify people of different types and occupations; understand various living facilities and service items in the community, and when they need these services.

Guess the whole family

Mom and dad sit with the children and ask each other to ask each other, for example: Who is the earliest people who get up every day? Who is the little child in the kindergarten? Guess the relatives, friends and children of the family, and kindergarten teachers at home, can also be extended to the items and community facilities at home, such as hospitals and police stations.

Secret in the box

The number of participants was 4-5, and everyone passed down a small box in turn. Rules: When the music stops, the talents holding the box can disassemble the box to see the gift; when the music is resurrected, the dismantling box should be covered and continued to pass. After a round of transmission, people who follow the rules can get gifts in the box as a reward.

meet new friends

Let the child say the object he wants to interact, and formulate a summer dating plan with him, such as: how many friends will know how many friends will take within a month, what ways to achieve, what purpose to achieve, and so on. Design a variety of beautiful and lovely stools with children, there are greetings, self -introduction, house number or contact telephone number on the note. Let the child carry the stool with them. When encountering the objects you are interested, you will give them to them. Of course, you should pay attention to safety when choosing an object. It is best to control the scope in the lower area.

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Yizi teach

In order to overcome the limitations of family education and family environment, it is necessary to expand the child’s living environment and change the scope of activities. During the holidays: When both families go out to travel, they exchange their children; a short -term “Yizi” activity between neighbors next door; urban children with relatives and rural children in exchange for different experiences in their own strange environment. Life.

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