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Liu Xiaoyan, dermatologist at the Essean Institute: Why is eczema wiped out the ointment more serious?

Liu Xiaoyan, director and chief physician of Sina Parenting Exclusive Interview with the Capital Pediatrics, asked her to answer the confusion about baby eczema often mentioned by some netizens.

Q1: For the cause of eczema, there is a saying that eczema is caused by the mother who did not pay attention to detoxification during pregnancy. When eating goose eggs, drinking water with lotus roots, and drinking water to drink water can help the mother pregnant mother detoxify to prevent the baby from being born after birth. eczema. Is there a scientific basis for this statement?

A1: I think there may not be much scientific basis, just a folk statement, so don’t care too much. The cause of eczema is that after the child is born, his skin is gradually developing and mature. In fact, it is just like the child will not walk after the birth of the child. Similarly, eczema is because the digestive system is not mature and the skin is also an organ, so it also has a process of maturity. After the child was born, the stratum corneum of the skin was thinner than an adult, so his resistance to external stimuli was much more like than adults, and his T -auxiliary cell ratio was different, so the immune state was also a state of allergies. Therefore, after the child was born, except for the first month, after the protection period of his mother came out, eczema increased in 2 to 3 months, and it was reduced in 6 months. The period is fine. This is a process of mature skin and immune adaptation. It is not the so -called mothers without detoxification during pregnancy.

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Q2: There are also some mothers around them that they will repeatedly suffer from eczema after adulthood. Why is this?

A2: It is not good to adults, there is a new standard: repeated eczema for more than half a year, we are called atmospheric dermatitis, which is one step further than eczema. , Hereditary immune disorders and excessive immune. We are also called dermatitis. Eczema is a large range. Adaptive dermatitis is a small range. Most of the skin is allergic. It is not clear that we are called eczema. However, for those who are repeated, with genetic factors, the cause of the cause is more complicated, and the longer course of the disease is called special dermatitis.

Q3: The baby has always suffered from eczema, and it will be more serious after rubbing the ointment. Why?

A3: Long often feels that I have applied medicine once. In fact, we treat eczema with medication to help children spend this process, because I just said that it was a process of mature skin and adaptation. Therefore, we have medicine to help spend this process, and it is impossible to break it with a medicine. However, the parents are hairy as soon as the parents have hormone dependencies, or the hormones are not used, or the ointment is not used. In fact, this is not the case. In fact, it takes time to improve the immune function of the skin.

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