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Liver cancer is not without signs. These three performances appear when going to the toilet, indicating that the liver has been injured

Mr. Liu is 36 years old, and his work is smooth. The family is happy and happy. In the regular medical examination organized by the unit, although the results of the hepatitis B Xiaoyang’s examination are normal, the doctor recommends a regular review.

However, Mr. Liu did not take it to heart. It was not until more than a year later that there were some abnormal symptoms, and he hadn’t improved for a long time. When he arrived at the hospital, he turned out to be the advanced liver cancer.

1. Why is it difficult to find liver cancer?

Many patients with liver cancer are diagnosed in the middle and late stages, so why is it difficult to be found in early in the early stage?

It is not easy to be found in the early stage of liver cancer. It is mainly related to the strong compensation capacity of the liver, no obvious symptoms in the early stage, and no active consultation. When there are obvious symptoms, it may have developed to the middle and late stages. Essence

Second, the three symptoms of going to the toilet, or the liver is damaged

Since liver cancer is difficult to find, is there really no way? In fact, it is not that liver cancer is not silent in the early stage, but some symptoms are not typical, and it is easy to be treated as other diseases. If you find the following symptoms when you go to the toilet, it may be a signal of the liver damage.

1. Frequent diarrhea, constipation

If you find frequent diarrhea or constipation, many people’s first reactions are that the intestinal tract has a problem. In fact, it may also be caused by abnormal liver caused by abnormal bile. It is necessary to improve liver health as soon as possible.

2. Deepen the color of urine

Excluding diet, drugs, and drinking less water, the urine is deep, and we must be alert to warning from liver disease. After the liver function is abnormal, bile metabolism will also be affected and the urine will yellow.

3. Black stool color becomes black

If you find that the color of the stool becomes black and accompanied by symptoms such as yellowing and weakness, you must also be alert to the liver problem.

3. Protect the liver, these behaviors are dry

If you want to protect the liver, you must stay away from some liver behaviors. Try to avoid staying up late, abuse of drugs, high -fat diet, alcoholism and other behaviors that are damaged to the liver.

Staying up late may lead to worsening liver burden, and even induce liver injury and liver disease. Abuse of drugs may induce medicinal liver injury. High -fat eating habits may induce fatty liver. Long -term alcoholism may cause alcohol hepatitis.

The “Specifications for the diagnosis and treatment of primary liver cancer” issued by the Health and Health Commission of my country recommends that high -risk people such as fatty liver patients, long -term alcoholism, frequent consumption of mildew foods, HBV infection groups, liver cirrhosis patients, liver cancer family history, etc. Screening and physical examination regularly.

It is difficult to find in the early stages of liver cancer, which is mainly related to early symptoms and strong liver compensation. If you find that there are always diarrhea, constipation, deepening of urine color, and suddenly darkening the color of the stool, be careful to be a signal of the liver damage. It is usually necessary to protect the liver, and high -risk people must do a good job of anti -cancer screening of the liver.

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