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Liver cirrhosis pathogenic mechanism

Liver cirrhosis refers to the symptoms of hardening in the liver. It is a relatively serious liver disease. Many people die every year because of liver cirrhosis. There are many causes of cirrhosis. Alcohol poisoning, side effects, and virus infections can cause liver cirrhosis. Different causes of liver cirrhosis symptoms and treatment methods will also be different. Let’s take a look at what is the hepatic pathogenesis?

The pathogenesis of liver cirrhosis is mainly related to fibrosis. When hepatic cells are damaged, hepatic tissue necrosis will cause fibrous connective tissue to increase, resulting in a large amount of extracellular foundation deposition to form liver fibrosis, and hepatic cirrhosis is formed. There is a process of development of liver cirrhosis. It is not a serious cirrhosis at the beginning. In the early stage of liver cell damage, if it is controlled and treated, the probability of evolving the cirrhosis will be much lower.

If you usually develop good living habits and eating habits, it can reduce the probability of various diseases. Since liver cirrhosis is related to virus inflammation and lifestyle, it can be prevented from these two aspects. When you find that you are suffering from hepatitis, you need to seek medical treatment in time. Even after healing, you should go to the medical examination regularly to avoid recurrence of the condition and do not know.

Many people now like to smoke and drink, and some people need smoking and drinking because they need to smoke. The material in tobacco and alcohol is an important factor that causes liver disease, especially the damage to the liver for excessive drinking. If it is not an important occasion, try not to drink too much alcohol, and eat more hangover foods after drinking. This can reduce the damage to the liver by alcohol. For example, honey water is a very good drink.

The pathogenesis of liver cirrhosis is not difficult to understand. All people’s lives are based on health. There is no health, even if there are more money and future. Because liver cirrhosis is not natural, that is, as long as you pay more attention to your own life and diet, you can maintain your health, reduce the probability of cirrhosis and other cancers.

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