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Long -term recurrent fever may be the signal of cancer: only nine steps from cold to cancer!Be careful

In daily life, fever is a common thing, which is not surprising. It is difficult for ordinary people to associate fever with cancer, but some netizens have a sudden imagination “I heard that the temperature can destroy the tumor by more than 43 ° C.Has the body temperature higher than 43 ° C, don’t cancer cells be killed? “

So, is there any feasibility of this method?Let’s find out below!

1. Use high temperature to kill cancer cells.

Generally speaking, normal people have a body temperature at 36-37 ° C, which can be judged as a fever if it exceeds.The normal cell tissue of the human body can generally resist the high temperature of 47 ° C, but the cancer cells do not work. Its maximum tolerance is only about 43 ° C.

Long -term recurrent fever may be the signal of cancer: only nine steps from cold to cancer!Be careful

Therefore, it is well understood that thermal treatment is to use the shortcomings of cancer cells to “fear heat” to overcome it.Clinically, hot water irrigation chemotherapy is such a mechanism. Through professional equipment, the water is kept 43 ° C constant temperature, and then the perfusion chemotherapy drugs directly reach the patient’s affected area, so as to scaldered cancer cells and achieve the purpose of treatment.

However, note that this is a local thermal irrigation therapy, which requires professional doctors to operate, which does not mean fever.Generally speaking, it is a high fever when it exceeds 39 degrees, and it is ultra -high fever exceeding 41 degrees, and ultra -high fever is very harmful to the human body.

If the fever temperature reaches 41 ° C, it can cause brain cell degeneration, the brain is damaged, and then affects intelligence.

At this time, if it is not dealt with in time, it will continue to be high temperature, and the enzymes in the human body will be died one after another, which will eventually cause a large number of brain cells to die, leaving a serious sequelae, which is often said that the fever is burned into a fool, and the fever becomes a fool, and the fever becomes a fool.Once the body temperature reaches 43 ° C, it can cause death.

Therefore, do n’t naive to kill the cancer cells with a fever above 43 degrees. This is very dangerous. Although you may achieve the purpose of killing cancer cells, people may be gone and meaningless.

Long -term recurrent fever may be the signal of cancer: only nine steps from cold to cancer!Be careful

When it comes to fever, I would like to remind everyone that if it is a long -term repeated fever, it may be the signal of cancer, especially for patients with ineffective fever after conventional treatment. It is best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

2. Long -term recurrent fever may be cancer signals

Many kinds of cancers can cause fever, such as leukemia. When leukemia occurs abnormal, physical resistance decreases, and leukemia cells themselves can also produce endogenous heat sources, so it is easy to have fever symptoms. Usually such patients are accompanied by accompanyThere are symptoms such as bleeding, anemia, prone to fatigue, and weight loss. You can pay attention to it.

In addition, cancer such as lung cancer and lymphoma can also cause fever. However, because the symptoms of fever are too common, it is easy to be ignored. I hope that everyone can pay attention to avoiding this situation. Repeated fever caused by unknown reasons and seek medical treatment in time.

Similarly, a common cold as fever cannot be ignored. Small colds may also be related to cancer, and only nine steps from cold to cancer!

First, sneeze

When pollen, dust, and pathogens enter the nasal cavity, the human body will automatically start the defense system and sneeze it out of the body by sneezing.

Second, cough

If the pathogen in vitro is not beaten, it can enter the upper respiratory tract and bronchies, causing cough.At this time, many people will take cough, antibiotics and other medicines unknown. This is good, and the pathogens to be discharged out of the body are suppressed in the body, so the body’s defense system enters the third step.

Long -term recurrent fever may be the signal of cancer: only nine steps from cold to cancer!Be careful

Third, fatigue and no appetite

The body will remind us that we should take a good rest at this time. You do n’t want to eat it, but at this time, people often face it and force ourselves to eat.The end is the fourth step.

Fourth, fever

When the pathogen of the disease enters the blood, the body will start immunity and manifested as a fever. When burning to 38.5 degrees, the immunity is greatly enhanced. When it rises to 40 degrees, most viruses can be eliminated.But at this time, many people were anxious to take antipyretic medicines and fever needles. It can be said that they helped and entered the fifth step.

Fifth, allergies

When the defense system is discharged from the body in the body, allergies may occur, and many people are anxious to use anti -allergic drugs to trap the toxins that were originally discharged through the skin in the body.

Sixth, inflammation

At this time, the body will have inflammation such as redness, swelling, heat, and pain. At this time, it will start eating a lot of antibiotics to eliminate inflammation. There is no way to enter the seventh stage.

Seventh, ulcers

Inflammation, if it is not treated well, the pathogen is running around, and the cell raw materials are not enough to protect the inflammatory places, and the body will be ulcer.

Eighth, fibrosis, hardening

The further development of ulcers will form fibrosis and hardening. At this time, the physical function will also be affected, and data shows that 50%of death is related to hardening, such as cirrhosis, vascular sclerosis, etc.

Ninth, cancer change

The final stage of hardening will be cancerous, and then you noticed that how the cancer suddenly came, but it was too late at this time.

Long -term recurrent fever may be the signal of cancer: only nine steps from cold to cancer!Be careful

The development of cancer cells to mung beans may take a long time, and it usually takes about 10-15 years.It is fast from the size of mung beans to eggs, and it may be less than a year!

Therefore, at the beginning, the body appeared unsatisfactory, including fever, cold, etc. We must listen to the “sound” of the body and let it have time to repair instead of helping again and again!

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