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Look at the health of women from vaginal secretions

Women’s vagina can have leucorrhea, such as ovulation and during pregnancy. But if your secretion is abnormal, it means that there is a problem with the health of the vagina. Gray -white, brown, yellow -green, etc. are all infected, and they may usually be accompanied by symptoms such as vulva itching, urination pain burning, and vaginal redness.

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1. The status of the color of vaginal secretions

1. Brown or blood

If your underwear appears brown or bloody secretions may make you feel strange, but you must not ignore it. Because it may be dotted bleeding, irregular menstruation, or severe cervical cancer or endometrial cancer.

2. Murder or yellow

This secretion can represent a sexual infectious disease, such as gonorrhea. In addition to the color of the secretion, you should also pay attention to bleeding, urinary incontinence and pelvic pain between cycles.

3. Yellow or green

If you have yellow or green secretions, it may not be important in nature, or tza infection. In addition to the secretions, it may also be painful and burning.

4. Pink secretions

This secretion occurs most often in postpartum. A pink secretion usually represents the emissions of the uterine line or dew. Lulu usually maintains 4 to 6 weeks, and the length of time varies from person to person.

5. White like cheese

The normal secretion is milky white, but if it looks like cheese -like and sticky, the vulva is swollen and painful, there is severe itching and pain during sex, which means yeast infection.

6. White or gray

A gray -white and even yellow secretions have a fishy smell, which may indicate bacterial vaginitis. It is a bacterial infection that can cause itching, burning, and redness in the vaginal area.

2. How do women maintain vaginal health?

1. Maintain personal hygiene

Personal hygiene habits will affect your vaginal health. Therefore, you should maintain good hygiene habits and use mild soap to bathe every day to avoid stimulating the vagina.

2. Underwear comfortable and breathable

If the underwear is not breathable enough, it will easily cause humidity and sweltering in the vaginal area, which will easily cause bacterial growth and cause inflammation of infection. Therefore, choose a comfortable and breathable underwear and change it frequently.

3. Avoid wearing tight pants

Too tight pants are prone to compress the vaginal areas, and cause sweating and sweltering, causing bacterial breeding. Therefore, avoid wearing tight pants, mainly loose and comfortable.

4. Single individual partner

Some diseases increase the chance of infection due to too many sexual partners, such as sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, try to avoid too chaotic sexual relationships and use a protective cover to ensure your health.

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