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Look at the man’s physical condition from Chen Bo

Waking up in the morning and seeing their “hardness” below, some men will be happy in their hearts, thinking that this is a manifestation of strong sexual ability. On the contrary, if there is no erection in the morning, you may worry about “no”. So, what does Chen Bo mean for men? Can it become an important criterion for men’s self -judging sexual ability?

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Chen Bo refers to a natural erection caused by the control of the penis at 4-7 in the morning and the penis unconsciously. The current mechanism of Chen Bo is not clear. Chen Booduo starts from puberty. At the age of 20-30, the number of erections is the largest, and it will gradually decrease after middle age. It is worth noting that because the male body’s daily state is different, Chen Bo is not consistent. If there is no Chen Bo alone, you cannot judge the quality of men’s sexual function. But as one of the health reference standards, Chen Bo is still important for men. Here are some factors that affect Chen Bo.

Age: Under normal circumstances, the decisive factor of the morning erection. After sexual maturity, with the increase of age, the number of mornings gradually became frequent, and the duration gradually grew. After 30 years of age, with the increase of age, Chen Bo will gradually weaken or decline. However, although some elderly people do not have Chen Bo, they can still have a satisfactory sex life.

Sleep: sufficient sleep time, and the quality of sleep quality will affect the secretion of male hormones to varying degrees, which will affect Chen Bo.

Emotion: Sadness and anger, depression, etc. can significantly reduce Chen Bo.

Fatigue: Excessive fatigue, mental fatigue, will also affect Chen Bo.

Diseases: Many diseases can affect sexual function and Chen Bo. Such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lumbar disc herniation, etc.

Drugs: anti -tumor drugs, anti -hypertension drugs, hypoglycemic drugs, acid -resistant drugs, sedative drugs, and mothers in Chinese medicine, and coptardiacs, etc., can reduce Chenbo Elage increase.

Bad living habits: excessive smoking, drinking, irregular schedule, etc., can also affect Chen Bo.

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If the morning is decreasing, it may be a signal of the body aging, or it may be a signal that has not been resting recently, or a signal before certain diseases. Do not use the medication by yourself, and do not be too nervous. If you find that Chen Bo is not obvious, you should go to the hospital in time.

Sex Blessing Class Expert Consultant: Guo Jun

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