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Lost sex education girl pregnancy cannot be ignored

Popularity knowledge is the top priority

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Avoid unexpected pregnancy. In addition to the children’s cleanliness, society, schools, and families must also do education and guidance. According to a large number of examples provided by the experts of the Municipal Girls’ accidental pregnancy rescue centers, except for the curiosity and sexual impulse, sexual behavior caused by online dating, and the lack of body loss caused by online dating, a very important factor and the current lagging sex education related. Some teachers and parents will pay more attention to students’ learning, and often lack scientific sex education for children.

In the consultation calls that the center usually answered, many young women have a lack of knowledge, such as “hugging and kissing if you are pregnant”, “What is going on in pregnancy, and whether a person will get pregnant” and so on Always appear. In this regard, the staff of the Municipal Women’s Federation’s Rights Department believes that the whole society should face up to the facts and actively take effective measures to give these girls’ attention to care. In addition to guiding the pregnant girl to treat and handle pregnancy correctly, relieve the panic of the pregnant girl, and provide them with a scientific and standardized medical guidance, parents must also provide the correct education and “family physiological health class”. The whole society popularized adolescent sex education, educating girls to protect themselves and rational behaviors, and to the greatest extent to prevent the occurrence of sexual behavior and accidental pregnancy.

In view of the severity of the abortion of middle school students, doctors in the center believe that since the society cannot prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to introduce contraceptive knowledge to the middle school classroom and the community. They bring greater harm in their body and mind. When teachers teach students’ psychological hygiene knowledge, they may wish to explain common sense on how to contraception. Let them really understand what should be done on the issue of sex, what should not be done, and what should be done if there is a problem. , Firmly built a psychological defense line.

Strengthen education step by step

Su Fengjie, executive deputy director of the Office of the Women’s and Children’s Working Committee of the State Council, pointed out: “The provision of information and services of youth sex and reproductive health involves multiple departments, and it is necessary to coordinate and cooperate to protect the rights and interests of young people to enjoy sex and reproductive health.”

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Sun Yunxiao believes that the most important problem at present is scientific, rich, and systematic sex education for teenagers. The most effective thing is to start a sex education class from elementary school to meet the curiosity of the difference between the initial sense of men and girls. Japan started sex education from grades 2 and 3 in elementary school. Go to the senior grade of elementary school and junior high school to conduct sexual psychology, sex, and sexual laws. In high school, sexual aesthetic education at the university stage forms a complete system of comprehensive education system including sexual, sexual psychology, sexual ethics, sexual laws, and sexual aesthetics. Its core is personality education, not simply sexual knowledge and technology teach. Healthy personality -oriented health education should be step by step, and in particular, we must do a good job of writing textbooks and corresponding teachers.

Sun Yunxiao said that the child first knows the gender distinction from his parents, but Chinese parents often have not received sex education and training. Parents should change their concepts and consider buying books in sex education for children to read. In the face of children’s questions, parents should not casually say “I don’t understand” or “I can’t say”. He also suggested that there are currently 420,000 parent schools nationwide, and related courses may wish to guide parents how to answer their children’s related sexuality in parental schools.

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