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Love bite toys to cause chronic poisoning

Toys, spend most boring time with the baby, many adults like to buy toys for babies. Many babies are used to playing with toys, so they put them in their mouths and bite. As everyone knows, these toys that may contain toxic ingredients will hurt their health.

There are several categories of toys, including plastic, metal, cloth, wood and other types. Plastic toys contain polyvinyl chloride. This substance is a highly toxic compound and can cause children with liver and bones to varying degrees.

Plush toys are easy to hide dirt. Bacteria and dust can be transmitted to the baby’s hands or passed through the nasal cavity to the body, causing the baby’s respiratory disease.

The surface of wooden toys is generally painted with paint. The harmful substances in the paint can enter the baby’s body through the baby’s sucking and bite. Over time, it will cause chronic poisoning of the baby.

So, is there any way to disinfect the baby’s toy?

1. Plastic toys can be soaked with soapy water, disinfection laundry powder, bleaching powder, etc., rinse it with water, dry it with a clean cloth or dry.

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2. Wash the cloth system and plush toys and place it directly in the sun and expose to disinfection.

3. Wood -resistant, heat -resistant, and non -fading wooden toys, soak them with soapy water and dry them.

(Editor in charge: Deng Qi)

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