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With the adults, they did not get to the kindergarten in the morning … These actions made parents very headache. On the one hand, they love their children, fearing that he would be wronged, and on the other hand, he hoped that the child would understand the rules. But blindly letting the children’s unreasonable move will allow them to centered on their own, selfishness, low emotional intelligence, love, and ignoring the feelings of others. Therefore, loving children cannot be based on temperament, to establish a sense of rules.

Story guidance. For example, when the children lined up to play slide, their children did not care about “come first and then” to cut in line. Parents can use this matter as a fairy tale after returning home. Similar things.

Delayed satisfaction. To consciously let children learn to wait, guide children to give up the temptation and restraint desire in order to get greater gain and psychological satisfaction. Cultivate children’s self -control and let children learn self -discipline.

Parents make an example. Parents must consciously abide by the various rules in life and resist bad temptations. They cannot say differently and deeds. If they have to abide by the rules, they must do it.

The standard is consistent. Parents’ judgment and processing standards for their children’s bad behaviors must always be consistent, and they cannot be loose and relaxed from time to time, so as to improve their children’s ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Tokens. You can agree to the child that when he follows the rules and performs well, a little star can be rewarded at a time, and when you accumulate 5 little stars, he can be exchanged for a small item he likes.

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role play. When the child does not comply with the rules, parents can invite children to play games together. Through role -playing, let him learn to think in other places, and to experience the pain caused by the destruction rules to others. At the same time, children will also learn specific rules in the game.

Make suggestions on the front. For children’s unreasonable behaviors, parents can provide feasible suggestions from the front. For example, when the child is painted randomly on the white walls, parents can let their children write freely on the drawing board, so the effect is better.

Let children participate in the formulation and implementation of rules. For example, when formulating “family rules” such as TV, playing mobile phones, etc. together, they are not allowed to watch “family rules”, and supervise each other to stimulate children’s enthusiasm and initiative to comply with the rules.

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