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Make your child no longer stick to TV

Many children like to “hang” in front of the TV for a long time, adults can’t drag, and how can TV can’t be turned off. Studies in the United States have found that children stay at least 2 hours in front of the TV a day and have more weekends. Too much on TV, not only is it very unfavorable to the eyes, but also the development of physical fitness, intelligence, and brain power will also be affected. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatric Medical Society suggested not to let children under the age of two watch TV. As for the larger children, it is recommended to watch only high -quality programs, and it does not exceed 2 hours a day. Let your child do not stick to TV, look at the trick of “Prevention” magazine to teach you!

Book the TV rules in advance

Let’s talk about the rules first, which can reduce the chances of disputes and Lai Pi. For example, we will discuss with children on weekends to discuss which programs can be watched next week, including watching time and number of times. If you ca n’t watch TV, do n’t do your homework, you ca n’t watch or see a few times, you have to do your homework. You have to tell your children in advance.

Use good DVD to replace bad TV shows

In fact, more and more parents have found that TV programs cannot provide children’s beneficial content. They are willing to spend money to buy or rent high -quality DVDs as children’s teaching tools.

Hide the TV and remote control

Since human beings have TV, it seems to have occupied the most important corner of the living room, but now the latest trend has to push TV to the most inconspicuous corner to reduce its temptation. The US “shutdown alliance” is constantly advocating to hide your TV with the remote control. If you are not used to the sound of a TV at home, you may wish to turn on the radio and use music and interesting broadcast programs as the background music at home.

Don’t let TV in your child’s room

There will be more than a TV in the home of modern people, the reason is to allow different members of the family to take their own needs. However, if TV is also put in the child’s room, it will only allow children and other members of the family to be more alienated, and it will also affect their time for learning and sleeping. The worse thing is that parents can’t see whether their children have seen unhealthy or not to watch.

Don’t take TV as a nanny

Don’t leave the child to the TV because you have no time to accompany him. On the contrary, you can ask your children to share some housework, such as preparing dinner together, cleaning the room, and so on. After a long time, you will find that you are closer to your children.

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Parents should lead by example

If you don’t want children to watch TV, parents must first lead by example, turn off the TV, and create more interesting family activities, such as participating in various activities or games, exercise fitness together. More importantly, to increase time to get along with children.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)


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