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Male black condyloma acuminatum symptoms pictures


If men occur, their warts may be black.

Condyloma acuminatum may be caused by unclean behavior, excessive drinking or improper contraceptive measures, etc., and can be treated with general treatment, drug treatment or physical therapy.

【Specific Symptoms】

Patients with condyloma acuminatum are mostly manifested as pimples, plaques, nipples, or cauliflower -like biosociography, scattered or fused.The fusion warts can be black, and the surface is generally not smooth. The surface is relatively rough. It may have a little bleeding point. It may be black with the naked eye. There is no obvious pain or itching on the local area.


HPV infection is a necessary condition for condyloma acuminatum. It is generally believed that sexual behavior, smoking, and low immune function are high -risk induction factors.


Pay attention to local dryness, cleanliness, avoid sexual life before disappearing skin lesions, and do a good job of personal hygiene and care.You can choose drugs such as Miho Matt Cream, Ghost Poisonous Poison, etc.In addition, you can also choose to treat frozen, laser, electrocoagulation and other methods, which can destroy the wart tissue and remove skin lesions.

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