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Male infertility, do not over -superstition of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of Chinese medicine

Male infertility refers to infertility caused by male factors. Generally, the woman is not pregnant for more than 2 years after marriage for more than 2 years. The cause of the disease is complicated, and many diseases or factors can cause male infertility. According to the results of semen examination, it can be classified as no sperm disease, severe semi -sperm, semi -sperm, sperm, sperm number normal infertility, polygenosis, and sperm disorders.

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The effect of improving the treatment effect is to find the crux of infertility

If you want to improve the treatment effect of male infertility, the most important thing is to confirm first. There are many causes of male infertility. Be sure to distinguish the cause first. Only by determining the cause can be effective and syndrome. Some can be treated with drugs, some need surgery; some can be cured in a short time, and some take a longer time; some need to pay attention to certain problems, some need to pay attention to specific methods … After clarifying the cause, patients Only by obvious treatment.

The correct approach to deal with infertility is that we must find a professional and credible regular hospital for scientific treatment.

Men’s infertility can not blindly superstitious Chinese medicine treatment

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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Yiyen Essence is an important principle of treating male infertility. The key to this disease is the kidney. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the yin and yang of the kidney during treatment, supplementing the essence of the kidney, and guiding the essence of the kidney. Western medicine has methods such as drug treatment, symptomatic treatment and surgical treatment.

The Chinese and Western therapies have their own advantages, and they cannot simply determine that they are well -known. Some patients mistakenly believe that there are almost no side effects in Chinese medicine, and in fact, any drugs or any therapies have side effects. When treating male infertility in traditional Chinese medicine, while insisting on the right medicine and dialectical treatment, you should pay attention to not being arrogant or warm. Due to excessive suffering, one defeats the stomach, causing stomach pain and nausea and vomiting; Injury the yang, leading to indifferent sexual desires, impotence, and affecting sperm quality. In addition, the warmth and aphrodisiac is too much. It is easy to cause congestion and edema of the reproductive tract, which not only aggravates inflammation, but also affects the number and quality of the sperm.

It is worth emphasizing that some obstructive diseases can not solve problems at all, but traditional Chinese medicine may have a certain effect on patients with poor sperm quality. of.

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