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Male infertility treatment is expected to heal

Male infertility means that couples have not taken contraceptive measures for more than two years, and have no fertility. The woman’s inspection was normal, and the man was abnormal. The couple lived together for more than 2 years after marriage, and did not adopt contraceptive measures and did not conceive. Among them, the reason for the woman also belonged to the man’s illness.

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Common causes of male infertility

When men have infertility, there are often no obvious symptoms. Only a few patients will have problems such as uncoordinated sexual life, but they never think that they will have infertility. What are the causes of infertility?

In fact, there are many reasons for male infertility. It is not only men with sexual dysfunctional disorders. Some men have no symptoms, and even some men have common problems such as small beards, less pubic hair or urgency. Therefore, once men find that they have similar symptoms, it is best to be vigilant for a long time.

1. The symptoms are not obvious:

1. Extraction of semen: semen abnormalities, mainly including sperm, less sperm, blood essence, sperm deformity, and dead sperm. Among them, less spermatozoa infertility, non -spermatic infertility, dead essence infertility infertility Hematoma infertility is the main cause.

2. Venture is blocked: such as epididymia, vasters, ejaculation pipes, and urethral lesions, which can cause obstacles to semen transportation. Clinically, it is commonly manifested as obstructive sperm, which directly affects male fertility.

2. There are a small number of symptoms:

1. Diseases of sperm: such as sperm veins, congenital testicular dysplasia, cryptopathy, orchitis or testicular atrophy, endocrine disease and other factors, can cause reduction in sperm Essence

2. Ejaculation disorders: such as impotence, deformity of external genitals, trauma, so that they cannot live in sexual life, or premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, etc. The semen cannot enter the female reproductive tract and cannot bred a tire. In addition to the above main factors, immune factors and disease factors that lead to male infertility, such as sperm antigenicity, seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, prostaglandin abnormalities, etc., long -term smoking, alcoholism, etc. can cause men Infertility.

Men suffer from infertility, don’t panic, treat targeted treatment to cure

Men’s infertility is a complex and difficult to solve comprehensive disease. Generally, male infertility may have a variety of physical and mental diseases at the same time, so the treatment is a long process. As long as the cause of male infertility is found and treated targeted, it can be cured in many cases.

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Experts suggest that patients should not be pessimistic during treatment, but actively treat, adjust their mentality, and strengthen physical exercise and increase physical immunity, so that they will have a benign role in the cure of the disease. At the same time, when diagnosis, we must first go to a specialist hospital and outpatient clinic to focus on the cause of infertility, and then treat symptomatic treatment. Do not treat them blindly.

As for the effect of treatment, both doctors and patients cannot be in a hurry, because people’s spermatogenesis cycles are 72-80 days, and drugs that improve spermatogenesis should be maintained for at least one year. Generally speaking, semen quality should be 7-9 after treatment 7-9 after treatment. Only a month has improved significantly. For the absolute infertility of surgery or drug treatment, artificial insemination should be given to solve the problem of fertility.

Fortunately, with the development of medical science, especially the continuous improvement of clinical reproductive medical technology, some patients with infertility that were noticed in the healing could also be partially treated.

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