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Many diabetes are “dragged”!Do not want to amputation, doctors have 5 suggestions to do

A few days ago, according to the latest statistics from the National Health and Health Commission of China, the number of patients with diabetes in my country has exceeded 114 million, with a prevalence of 11.6%, which has jumped in the world’s first place.

With the increasing number of patients, people also pay more and more attention to diabetes, and they know their knowledge. Therefore, Xiaojiu will not talk about it again today, but to tell you about the “diabetes foot” that is often ignored.

What is diabetic foot? Bai Yan, deputy director of the Nursing Department of East China Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, introduced to Xiao Jiu that it is one of the most serious complications of diabetes. If the patient does not get timely treatment and care, there will be amputation and even the risk of death. Family members have attracted great attention.

3 symptoms, be careful of diabetes foot

The emergence of diabetic feet is because diabetic patients do not control blood sugar, causing peripheral neuropathy of diabetes and vascular lesions around diabetes, causing defects of foot tissue. It is mainly manifested as difficult healing of foot wounds. Improper treatment can cause amputation.

Director Bai reminded that patients with diabetes should identify the risk of diabetic foot disease early, and have the following symptoms. They must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, because these are dangerous signals that occur in diabetic foot.


When diabetic patients have peripheral neuropathy, the feet will feel numb, especially the numbness on the soles of the foot is even more obvious. In addition, the abnormal feet feel is also reflected in the abnormal reactions in pain, acupuncture, temperature, and pressure perception.

Get cold in both feet

The surrounding vascular lesions occur in diabetic patients, which often shows the skin to cool down. Sometimes it will occur in pain for a period of time. After being forced to stop and rest, they can go forward.

Foot skin deepen

When diabetic patients find that black -purple or dark red skin changes appear, they must also be careful, because this is also a manifestation of diabetic feet. At the same time, if the skin becomes red, swollen, and temperature is hot, this may also be the symptoms of foot infection. Be sure to take medical treatment.

Diabetic foot, professional treatment is very important

“Then when diabetic feet appear, what should patients do to effectively control the condition?”

Director Bai said that when the patient finds the phenomenon of ulcers, he needs to immediately go to the hospital’s integrated outpatient clinic or endocrinology department to find a professional doctor for treatment and treatment.

However, in life, some patients with diabetes feet often choose community hospitals for treatment because they are old, in order not to go back and forth, and this unprofessional treatment will not reduce the patient’s pain. Instead, it will delay the condition and improve the patient’s amputation risks of. Therefore, patients and family members of diabetic foot must choose to go to a professional comprehensive hospital for special treatment.

In terms of treatment, the ulcerated skin of patients needs to be cleaned up and applied by professionals to keep the wound clean and prevent infection and the skin continues to ulcerate.

At the same time, if you want to be cured, patients need to be treated with whole body. Generally, the common intervention and treatment of endocrinology, vascular surgery, dermatology and other departments must be a relatively long treatment process that requires patients to actively cooperate and persist.

5 foot care, let your feet do not ulcerate

In addition to professional treatment, patients with diabetes want to get rid of this complications are also very important for daily feet.

No, Director Bai cares to Xiaojiu’s five -footed tips to Xiaojiu. Friends with diabetes must remember to perform it.

1. In order to prevent injuries to the foot, patients with diabetes must wear shoes with comfortable feet. It is recommended to choose shoes with good breathability, hard soles and soft uppers.

2. Wash your feet frequently every day to keep your feet hygienic. Do not wash your feet too high. Do not soak your feet for more than ten minutes. After washing, you must dry the water on your feet.

3. In order to avoid skin damage to the feet, it is recommended not to be too short when trimming nails. If a hard bodies and deformity nails appear on the feet, you need to go to a special hospital for treatment in time.

4. It is recommended that patients with diabetes, especially elderly patients, regularly go to the hospital for foot examination to check whether the foot has fungal infections, skin changes, edema, and pain. Once there are problems, it needs to be treated in time.

5. The skin of the feet should also be taken well, massage regularly, and keep the skin moisturizing.

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Today, due to the negligence of family members and themselves, many diabetic patients have severe ulcers, facing the situation that can only be amputated, and their bodies and psychology are undoubtedly hit again.

In order to prevent tragedy from continuing, diabetic patients and family members must be vigilant and check regularly. Once the symptoms of diabetic feet are found, they should go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

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