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Many people’s liver disease is “done”!Reminder: Do 5 points in daily life, help protect the liver

Ms. Song is a 4S shop manager. She usually has all kinds of entertainment, and she is busy with the whole person. Some time ago, she suddenly quickly became weak, her face became a lot worse, and then she had a spider -style red dot.

At first, I didn’t take it seriously, but the symptoms have not improved, so I hurriedly accompanied her husband to the hospital for examination and found liver cirrhosis.

1. Your liver disease may be “done”

Many people’s diseases are actually related to their unhealthy lifestyle, and most liver diseases may also be done.

The World Health Organization believes that 60%of human health depends on the personal lifestyle.

The liver is an organ of a variety of functions such as metabolism, detoxification, synthesis, and immunity, which is closely related to the intestinal tract. Unhealthy eating habits will directly affect the liver.

Especially alcohol intake, drug abuse, hepatitis virus infection, fatty liver, etc., may increase liver damage, and may even induce liver disease.

Second, if there are 4 abnormalities on your hand, it may be injured in the liver

After the liver is damaged, there may also be some abnormal symptoms on the hand. If the following abnormalities appear on the hand, it may be a signal of the liver injury.

1. Spider mole

Many patients with liver disease have symptoms of spider moles. This is because the liver function is abnormal after the liver is damaged, the estrogen level in the blood is increased, and the capillaries are expanded.

2. Redness

Patients with cirrhosis and patients with liver cancer often have symptoms of palm redness, especially redness in the palm of the palm, which belongs to the liver palm.

3. Top your fingers

The obvious gaps of fingertips of the fingers become larger, and the root of the fingers may be caused by liver qi deficiency.

4. Hand skin yellow

After the liver function is abnormal, the metabolism of bilirubin will be affected, causing skin pigmentation to precipitate, and the symptoms of yellowing such as the skin and eyes of the hands will occur.

3. How much is the burden on the liver?

Probably many people pay attention to physical health only when the disease comes, as well as liver disease. After many people suffer from liver disease, they later understand how many burdens of the liver are.

The liver has 500 functions and has strong compensation. It usually takes the human body’s alcohol, fat, and drugs to increase the burden on the liver.

Alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver, and metabolic products can produce toxicity and even induce liver abnormalities.

Long -term high -fat diet may exceed the liver treatment ability, leading to accumulation of fat, and cause non -alcoholic fatty hepatitis. Although the liver is a detoxification master, many drugs have liver toxicity, and drug abuse may cause drug liver injury.

How to help the liver reduce the burden? To do the following points.

1. Balanced diet and comprehensive nutrition

2. Reasonably follow the doctor’s advice

3. Quit alcohol as soon as possible

4, sufficient sleep, exercise appropriately

5. Regular physical examination

Many patients with liver disease are fixed by liver disease, which are actually related to their unhealthy habits. For example, alcoholism, abuse of drugs, and high -fat diets may increase the burden on the liver, and even induce liver disease. It must be prevented by liver disease and regularly perform regularly. Physical examination screening to protect the liver.

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