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Marathon off -road running for 21 players how to save and save people under the war of war.

Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Xiaotao, a contestant of the Gansu Baiyin Mountain Marathon accident, published a long article on Weibo, mentioning that on the climbing stage from CP2 to CP3, he encountered the danger of temperature loss like other players. Fortunately, shepherds on the mountain rescued in time, and he finally recovered his consciousness for two and a half hours on the mountain. Zhang Xiaotao recalled, “The sadness is until now, and the top 6 are only one survivor.”

Picture source Zhang Xiaotao Weibo

This is a “public safety incident that occurs due to local area weather mutations.” At around 13:00 on May 22, 20 kilometers -31 kilometers of the Cannam Casino Raiders 100 kilometers, hail, frozen rain, strong wind and disaster weather appeared in the local area, and the temperature dropped sharply. Physical discomfort and other phenomena. According to the People’s Daily, as of 8 o’clock on the 23rd, a total of 151 participants were searched and rescued, of which 8 of them were injured. The 21 participants had lost their vital signs when they found it.

What is the “temperature loss” of 21 players’ lives? People who love running outdoors may encounter any emergencies and how to first aid?

The symptoms of warmth depend on body temperature

Consortium, also known as low temperature and low body temperature, refers to the loss of human heat loss than the heat supply, which will cause the core area of ​​the human body -the temperature of the core organs of the brain, the heart, the lungs Symptoms, severe cases can cause death.

Its symptoms depend on temperature, and it must be processed immediately in case of temperature loss. Mild temperature loss usually occurs when the body temperature is 37 ° C -35 ° C, which may cause trembling and blurring. Moderate temperature loss, that is, when the body temperature is generally 35 ℃ ~ 33 ℃, the body feels a strong chill, and the body shakes violently, and it cannot be effectively suppressed with will. If the phenomenon of abnormal undressing, the sense of consciousness is blurred and the feeling of coldness becomes slow, which means that it has reached the stage of severe temperature loss. When the body temperature remains below 30 ° C, the human body is basically on the edge of death.

How to cause warmth

Consortium is prone to occur in mountaineering and outdoor ice and snow sports. There are many reasons for the cause of warmth. For example, in high altitude areas, the oxygen content of the snow line above the height is low, and the normal metabolism of climbers is affected. If it is exposed to low temperature, wind, and hypoxia environment for a long time, and the lack of proper warmth measures, it is also prone to temperature loss.

The silver off -road running this time has obviously gathered the three major factors common to warm -temperature, humidity, and wind. In fact, when you encounter two factors, you must make precautions, retreat at any time, and avoid risks. Because when the wind and humidity meet a certain condition, the temperature of the human body drops sharply, even in an environment above 0 ° C or 10 ° C, it will occur in warmth and even life -threatening.

Outdoor sports are prone to emerge, and participants and organizers should ensure that they are prepared well. For example, the temperature in the area is fully estimated, clothing and equipment are suitable for cold weather, and you can also bring a set of tops and pants. When underwear, socks, etc. are wet, they should be replaced with dry clothes as soon as possible, otherwise the body’s calories will be quickly distributed.

How to save yourself or save yourself when you encounter temperature loss

When people around them have symptoms of temperature loss, the best way is to help them break away from low temperature environment and strengthen protection. The way to help Zhang Xiaotao’s shepherd in danger was to carry him into the cave, fire for him, took off his wet clothes and wrapped him with a quilt.

However, Wang Yizhen, chief physician of the Department of Critical Medicine, Tianjin Teda Hospital, said in an interview with the Science and Technology Daily that it must not be able to heat up to the warm -ups such as a slow heating. Because the more severe temperature -falling patients have severe dehydration, the concentration of body fluid and cell liquid increases, and the biochemical environment in the body has produced huge changes to adapt to the low temperature environment. If the recurring temperature is too violent, the blood vessels may be expanded violently, leading to low blood pressure. Further reduce the core temperature and cause the recovery shock.

Liu Qin, director of emergency training of the AHA American Heart Association, said through the Southern Weekend that he should not control the jitter of the early stages of warm -out and let their bodies spontaneously heat the heat. It is best to consume high sugar fluid foods in time, such as hot chocolate. Remember to drink alcohol for the warm -ups, because alcohol can cause vascular dilation, human blood circulation accelerates, but it accelerates the loss of body temperature.

If you are unfortunately outdoors outdoors, you need to do your best to protect yourself, such as trying to find a companion to avoid acting alone.

The public account “Falling the South” in the tweet on the 23rd mentioned that the author decided to retire decisively when he found that ten fingers put his mouth and still did not feel it for a long time. However, many high -level athletes may not have the ability to overcome the natural environment. Fang Xiang, who had worked at the State General Administration of Sports, explained to Sanlian Life Weekly that most players lack corresponding natural education, and under the spirit of the marathon, it is important to run the game for runners.

Protect yourself and go home safely

In addition to warmth, heat stroke is also frequently occurred during outdoor sports. If someone is discovered during outdoor sports, we should provide them with cool drinks or electrolyte drinks to replenish water in time. At the same time, they can raise their feet and apply heat -proof drugs such as wind oil essence at the appropriate position of the head. After they are awake, they will be accompanied by a special person to the hospital.

Outdoor weather is changing. If you decide to participate in outdoor sports competitions, you should be equipped and check the equipment before departure. Try to accompany you when traveling. If an accident occurs, you must call for help in time, or keep your strength waiting for rescue. In addition, we must improve the consciousness and ability to judge the environment, and make a good psychological preparation for retirement and abandonment during life. “Go home to reach the end, and the safety is always the first.” I hope that the tragedy of silver off -road running will no longer happen.

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