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Massage groin can improve sperm vitality

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, regular Chinese medicine massage pays attention to acupuncture points and techniques. The standard massage can indeed play the effects of clearing the meridians, qi and promoting blood circulation. Under the premise of ensuring reproductive health, massage the groin area in a timely manner, which has a good effect on improving the vitality of sperm.

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The groin area is a relatively weak part, which refers to the triangle area on both sides of the lower abdomen. In this area, there is a “crack” formed by the abdominal wall, and there is a groin tube in the middle. Men’s sperm cable (for women, it is a round ligament of the uterus) through the groin tube. There is a pipeline for transportation sperm in the sperm — vasters, blood vessels supplying nutritional blood vessels, and governance nerves. Therefore, the ingura region is a “traffic road” where sperm to the sperm to the testis. Therefore, massaging this part can effectively promote blood circulation, improve local blood supply, further improve neurological regulation, and promote sperm peristalsis, etc., which has certain benefits to improving the vitality and quality of sperm.

The specific massage method is: After the lying down, the top and bottom massage will be used in the direction of the groin 30 to 50 times, and the intensity is medium. It feels that the groin area is slightly hot, and it is more appropriate to stick to 3 to 5 times a week.

Why do you want to be moderate? Because the groin is a “crack”, the sperm cable can be passed. This part is weak and is a common part of the inguinal hernia. Therefore, the massage of this part should not be excessive.

Sperm production is a systematic engineering. The groin massage is helpful to improve the vitality of sperm, but it is more important to check the source of sperm.

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How to care about the source of “sperm generation”?

1. Eat more fish, soy products, milk, eggs, appropriate amounts of oil and dried fruits.

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2. Men with childbearing age should stay away from tobacco and alcohol, sauna, avoid high temperature operations, chemical materials, pesticides, etc.

3. Wash your lower body every day to prevent bacterial infections. The tuberculosis of the vasters can easily lead to the obstruction of the vasters, making the sperm unable to discharge the body, and cause male infertility.

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