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Massage map of breast hyperplasia


Breast hyperplasia is a more common disease of women, which has a lot to do with women’s endocrine.When breast hyperplasia occurs, if the correct massage method is taken, the improvement of the disease is useful.


Massage map of breast hyperplasia

When massaging, first place your right palm on the breast, and then use the nipple as the center. Use the small fish and the big fish to circulate the breast. The direction is clockwise. After massage 40 times, then massage the left breast.Or let the left hand stretch and let it become a line with the body, knead the left side of the breast with the right hand, and the intensity should be moderate, and the massage time is about 3 to 5 minutes.After massage the left side of the left, change the posture and massage the right outer part.


It is recommended that when you massage, you should pay attention to whether the recent breast hyperplasia has increased compared to before.Patients are recommended to regularly B -ultrasound to see the size and texture.Usually pay attention to relaxing, don’t be angry, anxious, and don’t eat too spicy food.

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