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Master these six tricks for psoriasis medicine

There are indeed a lot of external drugs for treating psoriasis. Patients must choose drugs under the guidance of a doctor, and they must not be used arbitrarily. The use of psoriasis requires the following six moves.

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Master these six tricks for psoriasis medicine

Before using the medicine outside, wash the scales with hot water soap in order to make the medicine better.

In the acute stage of psoriasis, it is not advisable to use stimulating external drugs, such as Huilin, high concentration of vitamin acid, mustard qi, and erythrocytes when inflammation of the skin lesions, so as not to stabilize the occurrence of red skin diseases. Strong drugs.

When the skin lesions are wide, the use of external drugs in large areas will cause poisoning due to excessive absorption. Therefore, the selected drug concentration should be reduced, and different drugs should be used in the area to reduce the excessive absorption of a single drug. In particular, do not use hormone preparations in large areas.

Some topical drugs can easily cause stimulation and produce dermatitis, such as Huilin, mustard qi, calcium triol, vitaminic acid, etc. These drugs should be particularly cautious for facial places. It cannot be used to be close to the mucous membrane, such as the perineum, around the anus, etc.

Axillary, groin and other friction areas and facials are more sensitive to hormones, and it is prone to skin atrophy, pigmentation, capillaries expansion, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to use topical hormones with less adverse reactions when taking medicine in these parts, such as Eloson needs, and needs, and need, such as Eloson needs, needs, and need, and need, it is needed by Eloson, and needs, and needs, such as Eloson needs, and need, it is needed by Eloson. Cream creamy creamy cream.

Infection should be controlled first, and then treated. When there is an exudation, it should be treated with acute or subacute dermatitis.

In general, there are many drugs and methods for treating psoriasis, which can be used for doctors and patients. As for how to choose the best treatment plan, this is very particular about doctors. The individual of patients is very different. The doctor needs to be based on the patient’s patients. The treatment of diseases is not generalized. For drugs with severe adverse reactions, it should grasp its indications and treatment courses for the treatment.

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