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Maternal inspection is very important. Mother and baby safety

Some people who do not understand medicine have some questions about the production inspection. Why should they be checked? Can I get the baby when I do n’t wait for the time?

In fact, this idea is relatively wrong. Maternal examination is not only important for a pregnant woman, but also important for a family. Why do you say this way? Because inspection can effectively protect the health of pregnant women, doctors can timely and accurately understand the comprehensive situation of pregnant women through the checkup, so as to find that there are various factors that are not conducive to pregnancy and childbirth. This is very large for pregnant women and babies. The role. In addition, the health of pregnant women is concerned by her husband and relatives. Therefore, this is also a matter of great impact for a family. So what are the inspection items?

Inspection items of the checkup:

产检很重要 关系母亲与婴儿安全

Gynecological Trilateral examination

The main understanding of the uterine size is consistent with the menopause month and whether the embryo develops normally. When the size of the uterus is not consistent with the menopause month, the B -ultrasound is required to eliminate the uterine fibroids, uterine development abnormalities, and abnormal embryo development. If there is an uterine fibroids, the size, growth site, and whether the growth site of the fibroids must be estimated to end the pregnancy in a timely manner, and the nature of the fibroids should be estimated as much as possible. At the same time, the content of the doctor’s examination also includes whether the bilateral attachment is normal. When the ovary increases, it needs to be distinguished by the functional increase caused by pregnancy or the increase in organic quality. If the functionality increases, it will naturally fade naturally after three months of pregnancy. If the benign organic quality increases, it is necessary to surgery as much as possible after three months of pregnancy to reduce the abortion rate.

Cervical scraping

Due to the increase in blood capacity during pregnancy and abundant blood supply, if tumors occur in cervix, timely treatment can increase the survival rate. Therefore, this test is mainly to understand the form of cervical epidermal cells and eliminate the occurrence of cervical tumors. Of course, cervical scraping is more than the initial inspection method. When the doubt is generated, it can be further diagnosed with vaginal examination or cervical biopsy.


Understand whether there are trichomonas and mold in the vagina, and if necessary, the chlamydia, mycoplasma, and gonococci are performed. If there is a microorganism above, it is easy to cause upper infections, affect embryo development, and induce abortion.


40 days and 60 days of menopause are used for ultrasonic examinations to understand the development of embryonic sac planting and germ development. After 4 months of pregnancy, the obstetric registration examination is followed in accordance with the requirements of obstetrics.

Gynecological Sauder Examination

Understand the situation of vulva and cervix, eliminate abnormal development of reproductive organs of pregnant women, and provide channels for the baby’s successful birth; observe whether the vaginal mucosa is congested, the color and amount of vaginal secretions are normal, and whether there is a odor; Poippicis exists; especially when bleeding during early pregnancy, the cause of the bleeding is related to the vagina and cervix, which provides a basis for treatment.

Reminder: Xiaobian still recommends that expectant mothers go to the hospital regularly for inspection. Do not delay the birth inspection due to other factors. After all, this is related to the health of expectant mothers and unborn babies. In addition, when pregnant women have a birth checkup, it is best to accompany them. Even if something happens, there is a comfortable person to enlighten the patient. I hope expectant mothers can have healthy babies.

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