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Medicine beauty brushing sour skin!Learn sour with the circle of friends, the face of female college students is “bad”

“Brushing acid”, as a popular skin care method nowadays, many people have their own “brushing tutorials”. After some people have finished brushing, blackheads, acne, closed mouth and pores have been improved well. The skin becomes white and tender and delicate, but some people are blindly following the trend.

Recently, a 24 -year -old female college student in Guangzhou has experienced a “sour” rollover. Fortunately, when I came to the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong (hereinafter referred to as the “Second Medicine of the Provincial Medicine”), the plastic surgery department asked for medical treatment, and the skin gradually improved.

Flip! Learn sour in the circle of friends, the face of female college students is “rotten”

Xiaomin (pseudonym), 24, is studying university in Guangzhou. As a beauty person, she saw a “sour” sharing on the Internet some time ago. After watching the effect of “brushing”, she was excited.

“I saw in the circle of friends that a classmate with acne skin brushed the comparison photos before and after brushing. The effect was really the same as ‘changing face’,” Xiaomin said. “And many students around me are brushing, so I also Join. “

After a few days, Xiaomin began to develop symptoms such as burning redness and severe acne. The classmate told her that this was a normal response, and it was necessary to establish tolerance in brushing acid, and it was recommended that she would use it for a while.

However, Xiaomin was scared by the skin reaction after being brushed. As a result, her face was flushed and acne hurriedly came to the clinic of Dr. Cai Bing, Dr. Cai Bing, Department of Plastic Surgery of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province.

Xiaomin told Cai Bing to attend doctors that she is using a bottle of skin care essence containing almond acid. She has been discontinued. I think it is more reliable to come to the hospital to consult a professional doctor.

After face -to -face diagnosis, Cai Bing attended the doctor that Xiaomin’s skin was sensitive, and facial acne was accompanied by inflammation, which was temporarily not suitable for “brushing”.

After the inspection, the attending physician of Cai Bing conducted targeted repair treatment for her based on Xiao Min’s specific conditions.

The attending physician of Cai Bing reminded: “Our clinic has a lot of injuries to cause skin damage with improper acidity, and some people with allergies, using ingredients that can make themselves allergic, causing the skin condition to be worse. Once there is a problem, we must timely timely, be sure Seek medical treatment. “

After treatment, Xiaomin’s skin gradually improved. She was relieved and said with emotion: “I am fortunate that she did not continue to brush it, and chose to seek medical treatment in time.”

Avoid pit! Medical beauty brushing acid 酸 contains acid skin care products, the two have essential differences

Cai Bing’s attending doctor introduced that as “brushing acid” became more and more popular, when he was out of the clinic, he often encountered patients who came to remedy various skin problems due to their own acid brushing. She said: “The so -called ‘brushing sour’ in daily life is mostly used to use acid -containing skin care products, such as lower concentration (less than 5%) fruit acid or salicylic acid.”

Most people have misunderstandings about the concept of “brushing acid”. Strictly speaking, the use of acid -containing skin care products should not be called “brushing acid”. This method is more suitable for daily skin care methods. It is safer and healthy skin can be acceptable. Medical cosmetic fruit acid skin rejuvenation projects are generally within a range of 15%-70%. This treatment is large, and professionals must be used. You cannot try it easily. It is likely that you can’t see the effect and have risk of rotten face.

Cai Bing ’s attending doctor introduced that the skin of the medicine is a chemical (replacement) skin surgery performed by extracting the organic acids in the fruit. With the superior penetration of the fruit acid, accelerate the update of the epidermis and dermis structure. Promote the metabolism of keratinocytes and stratum corneum.

Fruit acid is a large category, including ethanol acid, almond acid, lactic acid, etc., which have different effects. Doctors will evaluate whether they are suitable for “brushing acid” and what types of use based on the skin types of each person and the degree of lesions of the skin. Acids, as well as how much concentration, etc., clinically match the skin condition of the individual. Low concentration of fruit acid (such as 20%~ 35%) can clear the mouth of the hair follicles, dissolved angle bolt and blackheads, to achieve firming pores, and make the skin white and delicate skin rejuvenation effect. A higher concentration (such as 50%~ 70%) may play a role in exfolling the skin.

In addition, when performing “brushing” treatment, the dosage of the use of acid needs to be strictly controlled, and the residence time on the skin, and scientifically observe and judge the reaction process of the skin in the treatment. While ensuring safety, the treatment effect is achieved.

The attending physician of Cai Bing once again emphasized that acid -containing skin care products can meet certain effects such as cleaning, exfoliating in daily life. After using fruit acid -containing skin care products, you must pay attention to sun protection. It is worth noting that this is essentially different from “brushing acid”. It is absolutely not recommended to use high -concentration medical acid products. For example, more than 20%of fruit acid and 30%salicylic acid brushing acid must be performed in the hospital, and the appropriate concentration and solution are selected according to the actual situation of the individual.

TIPS: skin type suitable for fruit acid rejuvenation

1. Obvious skin aging: dull, expand pores

2. Acne skin, many closed acne, or blackheads

3. Acne skin, many pigmented pigments after inflammation

4. Poistic spots

5. Rose acne, combined with seborrheic dermatitis (choose as appropriate)

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6. Mao Zhou keratin

The attending physician of Cai Bing reminded that although the skin is good, not everyone is suitable for everyone.For example, the skin inflammation is heavier, suffering from acne with sensitive skin, scar constitution, and pregnant women should avoid fruit acid rejuvenation and beauty.In particular, some large -scale acne needed to eliminate the cause and treat symptomatic treatment.(Correspondent: Zhu Jiantu: Provided by the hospital)

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