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Membrane hyperplasia glomerular nephritis is caused by hepatitis B

Membrane hyperplasia glomerular nephritis may be caused by hepatitis B. Membrane hyperplasia glomerulonephritis is one of the most rare types of glomerulonephritis.

Because of the hyperplasia of glomerular membrane cells, it is often said that the matrix increases, which leads to inserting glomerular base membrane and endothelial cells, and then the glomerular base membrane is thickened to form dual -track signs. The primary membrane hyperplasia glomerulonephritis is relatively rare, high 8-16 years old, and the proportion of men and women is similar. In recent years, the incidence has declined. Mainly due to the diffuse glomerular lesions, with the increase of the diaphragm matrix, the membrane cells have begun to be significantly proliferated, and even the endothelial and base membrane have been widely inserted to form dual -track or multi -track signs. Membrane hyperplasia glomerular nephritis should be treated according to its cause. Clinically, it is mainly divided into primary and secondary. In the normal classification of kidney disease, it can be said that it is a membrane hyperplasia glomerular nephritis. Some patients are hepatitis B patients with hepatitis B patients, and some patients are membrane hyperplasia glomerulonephritis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Patients with cirrhosis patients with diaphragm patients with liver cirrhosis. For patients with membrane hyperplasia glomerular nephritis, if due to excessive protein supply, more nitrogen -containing waste will be generated after metabolism in the body, which will increase the burden on the kidneys when excreted in vitro. If the amount of urine is small, these wastes cannot be excreted, and they will accumulate in the body, causing a series of poisoning symptoms. Therefore, it should avoid protein -rich foods such as meat, eggs, and soy products in diet. When the condition improves, the supply of protein can gradually increase.

It is recommended that patients should pay attention to a light diet, and it is better to digest food with vegetable porridge and noodle soup. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure vitamin intake. Pay attention to the intake of protein, eat more refined animal protein, low salt and low fat, spicy irritating foods to avoid colds, infection, and fatigue.

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