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Men are alert to “lazy” reproductive disease

With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. Nowadays, people’s health awareness is becoming more and more clear, the problem of male reproductive health is gradually clear, and the knowledge of male reproductive system disease has been continuously popularized. To this end, my country has also set up a “Men Health Day”, which shows that the entire society’s emphasis on men’s reproductive health is increasing. Reproductive experts emphasize that paying attention to male reproductive health and preventing male reproductive system diseases, the key is to abandon some old concepts, old style, start with life, develop good living habits, and shape a healthy body for yourself.

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“Lazy” phenomenon 1: The name of work is busy

After years of hard work, Mr. Zhang, who has worked in the workplace for many years, finally took the position of the company’s sales supervisor. As a result, frequent commercial entertainment and staying up late became “commonplace.” After a long time, his immunity was greatly reduced, and he suffered from annoying chronic prostatitis. This abominable disease completely changed his life, and the embarrassing urination symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and urethral tingling made him unable to work at all. Express, do not go to the hospital for treatment, and missed the best treatment time over time …

Healthy Clinic: Prostatitis

Many men ignore their reproductive health from the subconscious, unless the disease has very obvious symptoms. Some men believe that reproductive health is their own personal affairs. Once the body is stubborn, they do not go to the hospital to see a doctor, but rely on rest to overcome it, or take the medicine by “experience”. In fact, this is not only a manifestation of ignorance. Over time, it is easy to delay the condition. Therefore, reproductive experts remind that once men find that their reproductive systems have problems, they should ask professional doctors to diagnose and treat them in time, and doctors will deal with them. Otherwise, minor diseases, and diseases often develop unknowingly, and eventually they have to lose money. Cultivating men’s correct health awareness has become a top priority.

Solution: The key to treatment is comprehensive sterilization

The prostate, as an important organ of the male reproductive system, has a close relationship with other tissue organs. The prostate itself surrounds the back of the urethra, and the vasters on both sides enter the glands from the back, and open the ejaculation of the posterior urethra. In addition, the relationship between seminal vesicles, vasters and prostate is closer. Such a special anatomy is adjacent to this situation. Once a certain part or organs of the reproductive system have inflammation, they can spread through the vasters and ejaculation pipes. In particular, the urethra is connected with the outside world, which can easily lead to the infection of microorganisms such as external bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, and chlamydia, and will affect the prostate upward. The inflammation everywhere has been cured for a long time.

The key to the treatment of chronic prostatitis is to fully kill the pathogenic virus or bacteria in the glands. However, due to the traditional system of medication or local medication, it is difficult to pass through the hard fiber envelope of the outer stratum of the prostate and exert the effect. In addition, the slender glands are very easy to stasis under inflammation. Therefore, it makes it difficult for treatment to work, and the consequences of proneness. Reproductive experts suggest that the purpose of “prostate, prostate glandular poison, urine treatment, urine clearing glandular, cure glandular glandular virus” can be achieved by the symptoms of prostatitis in the treatment of prostatitis. Treatment.

“Lazy” phenomenon 2: On the grounds of the old concept

Mr. Xun, who is just 30 years old, is a typical traditional man. No matter how much pressure on work, life, and family, he always picks up without complaints, but he has never taken care of his “little hair”. In fact, the pressure of modern life has made many men busy with family and work, often ignoring the health problems of their “important parts”. Every time the family proposes a professional physical examination or some self -care, Mr. Xun feels that it is a big problem. However, the recent frequent urination and physical discomfort have made him realize that there may be health problems …

Healthy Clinic: Urinary infection

Pay attention to the health of reproductive organs is not just a matter for women, but men should also pay attention to. Reproductive experts suggest that men should self -examination on a regular basis. When the following symptoms are found, they should seek medical treatment in time: skin or mucous membranes, including erythema, pimples, hardships, blisters, blisters, blisters, and blisters in the reproductive parts, eyelids, lips, tongue, throats and other places. Symptoms such as ulcers; symptoms of urinary tract, such as mild heat sensation in the anterior urethra, abnormal secretions flowing out of the urethra, or frequent urination, urgency, pain, dysuria, closed urination, and hematuria, as well as groin lymph nodes Symptoms such as swelling.

At the same time, it is not enough to clean enough to cause inflammation, especially the elderly foreskin, and often remove foreskin. Otherwise, it is not only harmful to themselves, but may even spread these unclean and harmful microorganisms to others. Some men think that the more times the number of cleaning, the more conducive to health. In fact, this is also a wrong concept. Excessive cleaning easily destroys its own defense system and makes bacteria easier to enter the body. Modern urban men should pay more attention to the relevant physiological health and health knowledge!

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Solution: Elimination is to block repeats

In recent years, new characteristics have appeared in urinary infections: some special bacteria such as gonococci, chlamydia, and mycoplasma have more complicated the treatment of this disease.Among the patients with reproductive infection diseases, high -temperature reproductive infection diseases occupy a large proportion. Obvious symptoms include frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urethral drops, itching, and testes of the abdominal.The harm of urogenital diseases is different according to different types of diseases, but in general, the harm of urinary infection diseases can be summarized as a few aspects: First, it directly damages the diseased organs and affect its normal physiological function.The second is to directly affect sexual function and lead to infertility.Third, it will have a great impact on patients’ psychology and physiology. The decline in autoimmune function will often induce other diseases in the body, which will especially cause various complications of urinary and reproductive systems.For malignant lesions, some urinary infection diseases can also be contagious and affecting spouse, family or relatives.

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