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Men are difficult to give birth or “block” due

Men are difficult to give birth or “blocked” the voltic tube:

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The transparent pipe clogging refers to the obstruction of the sperm pipe, which causes the sperm transportation to be unobstructed, so that it cannot reach the uterine cavity. Infertility.

Why does a man “block” the autonomous tube

Why do men block the vasters? Experts said that the infertility sperm caused by the obstruction of the male sperm tract obstruction is generated by a testicular sperm tube, and then the mature sperm is sent out of the body through the epididymal, the vasal tube, the ejaculation tube, and the urethra.

Sperm discharge must be output small tubes, epididymia, vasia, ejaculation pipes and part of the urethra by testicular output. The obstruction of any of the above can affect the discharge of sperm. If the unilateral vascular pipe is obstructed, the impact on fertility is not great. For example, if the bilateral obstruction and the sperm cannot be discharged normally, it will lead to infertility. As long as any place occurs, sperm operation and discharge of discharge can cause infertility. There are generally four reasons:

① Congenital abnormal vasters are not developed or developed in congenital, and they are not related to epididymia. They are often not developed with seminal vesicles, resulting in a small amount of semen and no sperm.

② Inflammatory stenosis Various pathogenic bacteria cause inflammation of the vollar tubes, forming scars, and causing cavity. In severe cases, it causes no sperm.

③ The tumor comes from the tumor cavity caused by the tumor compression of tumor tumors itself, which is also one of the causes of no spermosis.

④ Trauma or injuries, such as hernia repair, cause lumen obstruction. Volticism loser is one of the main methods of male sterilization to prevent sperm from discharging sperm and to prevent sperm.

What are the symptoms of transparent tubes?

Symptoms of transparent tubes are characterized by the small number of sperm or sperm in semen, the testicular shape is normal or mild, the texture is basically normal, the epididymal or vasal tubular palpation is abnormal, and the blood FSH level is basically normal or mild.

Symptoms I. Patients have a history of infertility, and can be weakened or incomplete, ejaculation pain or weakness.

Symptom 2. There may be a history of reproductive system infection, surgery, and injury.

Symptoms III: The physical examination touches the tubular or epididymis nodules, thickening, bead -like changes or lack of.

The transparent pipe is blocked and requires angiography to check

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Infertility experts pointed out that the sperm was transported by the sperm and occurred, which occurred during ejaculation and sexual static period. We know less about the physiological mechanism transported by the sexual static period. Because the sperm of the epididymis is unmoved, and there is no ciliary cells, these factors do not work in the sperm transmission. It may be that the physical pressure accumulated in the epididymis forced sperm into the voltic pipe. Another possibility is that the voltic pipe can shrink naturally during sexual static.

Infertility patients caused by spermatic obstruction are often normal, second sexual characteristics are also normal, and the level of hormones in the blood is normal; only sperm or no sperm is found in only semen. In addition, the cause of the disease can have symptoms of urinary system infection such as frequent urination, urgency, and urinary pain; or a history of unclean sexual intercourse and gonorrhea infection; or a history of reality tuberculosis; or the history of urethral injuries and difficulty in urination. The reproductive system checks that the epididymal swelling and nodules can be found; or the vollarization pipe is thickened or beaded changes; Therefore, to confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct angiography.

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