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Men can determine whether the semen is normal

The semen consists of sperm and sperm. The sperm is produced by the testicular sperm cells. It matures in the epididymis and transports it through the vascular tube. Sperm pulp is mainly secreted by auxiliary glands such as prostate, seminal gland, urethral gland. Sperm pulp is mainly derived from seminal vesicles and prostate, the former accounts for 60%, the latter accounts for 30%, and the remaining 10%are secreted by tissue such as epididymia, vasal tubular belly, urethral gland and other tissues. In this process, any organs and links have abnormalities, which will cause semen to change.

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The condition of semen is an important basis for men to judge their reproductive abilities and sexual abilities. But what should normal semen look like? What is the problem of different changes in semen?

The semen is normal and abnormal, and men can judge from the following four points:

(1) Semen amount: The normal amount should be more than or equal to 2ml (ml). If there are too many more than 7ml, not only the sperm density becomes low, but also easily flows out of the female vagina, which reduces the total number of sperm, which is common in patients with seminal vesiculitis. If the total amount is less than 2ml, the amount of semen is small, and the less than 1ml is too small, which can easily lead to infertility.

(2) Color: Normal color is gray -white or slightly yellow. If the semen appears milky white or yellow -green, it means that the male genital tract or adrenal glands are inflamed. If pink, red, or red blood cells can be seen under a microscope, it is hemorrhaled semen. It is common in patients with paranexical glands and posterior urethral inflammation. It can occasionally see tuberculosis or tumor patients.

(3) LPG time: After the normal semen is ejected, it will become jelly -like under the action of seminal vesicles, after 15-30 minutes, and becomes liquid under the action of prostate liquefase, called semen liquefaction. If the semen is not liquefied after 30 minutes, it is abnormal.

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(4) Viscosity: Use a glass rod to contact the already liquefied semen. After gently lift it, it will form semen. If the semen is normal, the length of the semen should be less than 2 cm.

In addition, indicators such as semen acidity and alkali, sperm vitality need to be tested to obtain accurate results. If men find that their four indicators are not normal, they should go to the hospital for further testing.


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