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Men difficult to deal with or trapped the treatment misunderstanding

Infertility infertility has become a common disease that plagues modern families. Experts said that men have been ignored by the public before infertility. In fact, the proportion of male infertility in infertility cannot be ignored.

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Fix the cause of the pulse to fix the cause of the infertility

Some doctors are indeed “very high”. If you look at the tongue, you will say how your sperm quality is and how your testicular vasal tube is. We know that traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are two different theoretical systems, just like Beijing and Shanghai are two different cities, each with its own characteristics.

According to relevant experts, the understanding of the cause and mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine on the cause and mechanism of male infertility is often used with damp -heat stagnation, heat poisoning, phlegm and dampness, stasis linked room or kidney deficiency, liver qi depression, yin deficiency and fire, weak temper, etc. describe. This is completely different from the cause and mechanism of modern medicine such as epididymitis, orchitis, vascular obstruction, and testicular development. Those doctors who do n’t check any inspections, do n’t look at any test reports, touch the pulse, look at the tongue, and they are all doctors who are modern medical vocabulary or names. Patient friends must be careful. This may be purely flickering. This is just like you are in Shanghai, asking for a few subway or several bus to Tiananmen Square, the wind and horses are not worthy.

The ancestral secret recipe prescription package cure infertility

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Do not deny that some recipes have a certain effect on the male infertility caused by some reasons, but if it is not distinguished, the infertility caused by does not analyze. This approach is obviously unscientific. Infertility such as congenital testicular developmental dysplasia, deficiency of congenital vasters, no matter sperm -free, no matter what kind of medicine you take and how long you eat, it is useless. A lot of hard money wasted. For those doctors who make my mystery, make their own treatments very mysterious, take yourself as a doctor and speak for you, especially be careful.

Prostatitis must cause infertility

According to experts, prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis, is a common disease for men. It has a limited impact on fertility. It is not that prostatitis must cause sperm quality to decrease and abnormal sperm. There is no necessity between them. If some doctors have repeatedly instilled this view and let you treat it, you must be careful!

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