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Men go through the “extreme dots” in premature ejaculation

During the long -distance running process, the body will feel particularly uncomfortable at the beginning of the beginning, and the phenomenon of difficulty breathing and unable to run. This is the “pole” referred to in the physiology. How does “pole” produce? When the human body is transferred from a quiet state to a state of movement, the various organs of the body, especially the cardiopulmonary activity, fail to adapt to the needs of muscle and bone activity. Once the “pole” is passed, the organs of the internal organs gradually adapt to the needs of the activity. Instead, they can’t feel tired later, and they can run easily.

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In fact, in the long -distance running movement of sexual life, there is also a “pole” phenomenon. Many patients with premature ejaculation reacted and started to thrust a few times, and they felt that the excitement became stronger and stronger. This is the common trouble of patients with premature ejaculation. It cannot control ejaculation and cannot be extended. To put it bluntly, it cannot break through the “pole” for one or two minutes. Similar to the cause of the “extreme point” in running, the penis suddenly entered the warm and humid environment of the vagina during sexual activity. The nerves could not adapt to the changes in the environment for a while. The glans became very sensitive. Essence And once the nerves are adapted to the warm and humid environment in the vagina, that is, through the “pole”, the penis will not be so sensitive, and the persistence time will naturally grow.

Therefore, during the treatment of premature ejaculation, “extreme dots” should be emphasized. When running, the way to spend the “extreme point” when running is to prepare for preparation and slow down the jogging speed before running. same,

In sexual life, you should fully do the foreplay. When you first enter, you should be as slow as possible, and the water is long. After passing the “extreme point” stage, the penis is not so sensitive, and naturally you can enjoy a longer sexual life.

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Sexual activities are actually a long -distance running movement. If you sprint 100 meters from the beginning, I am afraid that no long -distance runner can persist. In short, doing the foreplay work and the starting stage of the insertion movement slower and shallower, and the “pole” of that two minutes smoothly is an important method to extend the time to control ejaculation.

Expert: The attending physician, doctor of medicine, doctor, Ke Minghui

Fields are good at: Chinese and Western medical skills are solid, rigorous diagnosis and treatment ideas, and have deep accomplishments in male infertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, prostate hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis, menopausal menopause, etc. Patients’ adverse psychological factors; for patients with too long foreskin and phimosis, foreskin cycle section can be skillfully completed; the male laboratory testing and male urogenital ultrasound examination technology can be mastered, so as to closely combine clinical and examination.

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