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Men have a cold and take medicine to die. Do n’t take medicine!

The weather is cold, does the cold king “visit” you? Generally speaking, people’s attitude towards colds is upright, and the symptoms are slightly heavier, so they go to the pharmacy to buy cold medicines. However, although a cold is not a great problem, this does not mean that you can take medicine! The 27 -year -old young guy is a living example!

The man’s cold medicine takes too much, but he accidentally died!

Xiao Liu is a 27 -year -old young guy who is usually healthy and has no pain. As long as there is any uncomfortable, he will take medicine very actively. Recently, the weather was cold. Because of the lack of licking clothes, Xiao Liu had a cold experience. Symptoms such as runny nose, cough, dizziness, and fatigue were tortured. In order to make his cold quickly, Xiao Liu went to the hospital to buy medicine.

However, as soon as I took a cold medicine, Xiao Liu’s cold symptoms were not only good, but also aggravated! High fever never retreats, and always diarrhea. Later, after being diagnosed, Xiao Liu’s liver and kidney system had been severely exhausted. After two rescue, Xiao Liu still left the world unfortunately.

The doctor said that the reason why Xiao Liu died was because several kinds of cold medicines were mixed with them, and the acetaminols intake were too much, which caused the liver and kidney to be overwhelmed and induced life danger. What is “acetaminol”? In fact, this kind of substance is a kind of heat -relieving analgesic drug. This ingredient is in many anti -cold medicines. If patients with cold are taken in large amounts, it is likely to cause liver and kidney damage and cause life danger!

Colds are not scary, and the wrong medicine is the most scary!

What kind of disease is there in your life? This is of course a cold! After a cold, patients often sneeze, cough, runny nose, etc., and they are dizzy, fatigue, heat and sleepy, which is very painful.

After a cold, if you feel that you can bear it, you can generally heal yourself in a week. Take medicine just to relieve the symptoms of a cold and make people less painful.

However, if you take medicine after a cold, the problem will become terrible. Whether it is taking cold medicine for a long time, or taking a cold medicine, or taking cold medicines without symptomatic symptoms, it will bring side effects to the body, which will even cause life and danger!

How to take cold medicine correctly?

1. Take the right medicine

Treatment of any disease should be prescribed, and colds are no exception! There are many types of colds. Treating a cold should judge which type of cold according to its specific symptoms, and then take medicine.

2. Follow the advice

Although most of the cold medicines on the market are non -prescription medicines, if you are sick, you still listen to a doctor. When taking medicine, you must carefully read the medicine manual and take it according to the amount. It’s right.

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3. Pay attention to life health care

During the medication, patients with colds should pay attention to living and health care. It is best to eat lightly. It is necessary to maintain a happy and cheerful emotion. Usually ensure good sleep quality, you can participate in physical exercise appropriately to improve your body resistance, so that the cold monarch does Go to the door again.

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