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Men pay attention!Playing mobile phones at night, sperm quality will deteriorate!

With the rapid development of science and technology, smart phones are full of our lives, which brings great convenience. Whether it is entertainment, learning, or work, a mobile phone can be easily done. , I have the world. “

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However, frequent playing mobile phones will also have some adverse effects on people’s health, such as myopia, cervical spondylosis, and sub -health. Recently, a study in Israel shows that men playing mobile phones at night may also affect the quality of sperm.

Israeli Study: Playing mobile phones at night, beware of the quality of the heart, the quality is poor

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Researchers obtained the semen samples of 116 men, and these men were between 21-59 years old. The researchers collected the situation of the participants and sleeping habits by using the electronic equipment and sleeping habits, and conducted a fertility assessment of their sperm samples. The specific cooling included the volume, pH, sperm concentration, percentage of activity, and total sperm.

The results of the study found that at night, the use of computers, mobile phones, television and other electronic devices, sperm concentration, sperm activity capacity is lower, while sleep duration is long, sperm counts are more, and sperm vitality is stronger. Researchers suggest that in order to improve men’s sperm quality, the amount of electronic equipment should be reduced as much as possible at night.

Put your mobile phone pants pocket and laptop on your legs, which also affects sperm quality

In fact, in addition to playing with mobile phones at night, men should also pay attention not to put their mobile phones in their pants pockets, and do not laptop above the thighs, because these behaviors also have the risk of reducing sperm quality.

A system study of 1492 samples involving 1492 samples found that 50%-85%of sperm can move normally. When it is exposed in the mobile phone environment, this proportion has dropped by an average of 8 percentage points by 8 percentage points. Essence In the past, studies have shown that the RF-EMR emitted by mobile phones may adversely affect men’s fertility ability.

In addition, placing notebooks on the thigh may also affect sperm quality. Some experts said that computers will send out the same medium, short waves, and ultra -short waves of the same frequency bands as industry, technology, medical high -frequency equipment, radio, television, communications, radar and other RF equipment during work. Damage testicular structure and function, affecting hormone levels.

How to improve sperm quality?

Sperm plays a very important role in the entire conception. High -quality sperm is the basis of the origin of life. The judgment standards include semen, sperm density, semen content, sperm cohesion, sperm vitality, sperm morphology, sperm liquefaction and sperm Polytes ingredients, etc., can be tested clinically.

And if you want to improve sperm quality, pay attention to the following points in daily life:

1. Stay away from high temperature environment. Sperm is particularly sensitive to high temperature. Men usually pay attention to steaming less sauna. Bathing water should not be overheated. Wearing loose and breathable pants to avoid sitting for a long time, otherwise the temperature will make the sperm unable to survive.

2. Do not indulge. Excessive intercourse can make the prostate melody and induce prostatitis, which affects the quality of semen and sperm. Of course, it is not advisable to improve sperm quality, because long -term abstinence will make more and more sperm stored in the scrotum, which can easily cause sperm damage.

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3. Keep your body moderate. Excessive fat can affect the metabolism of sex hormones, thereby destroying the normal development of sperm. In addition, obese men’s temperature is relatively high, which is not conducive to the growth of sperm. Therefore, improving sperm quality requires a moderate figure, and obese people should actively lose weight.

4. Active exercise. A Spanish study shows that men often exercise can help improve the speed of sperm swimming and make sperm stronger, but excessive high -intensity exercise may cause sperm quality to decrease.

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