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? Men’s eyebrows become longer after the age of 50, what does it mean?

Lao Feng is a superstition. He often says: a long eyebrow can reach 10,000 grain.After 50, he found that his eyebrows had a tendency to become long, and he thought that he had a Buddha. He always cared for his eyebrows carefully. He felt that his eyebrows were longevity and blessing.

However, after the spring of this year, Lao Feng felt that he was uncomfortable. He always got back and sore and leg pain in the morning. Sometimes at night, he would not sleep at night due to frequent night urine.His wife was worried that he was a menopause and asked him to go to the hospital to see. As a result, he was told that the male secretion was too strong, and the hair growth of hair and eyebrows was proven. If it was not treated, it could affect the prostate function and induced prostatitis.

? Men's eyebrows become longer after the age of 50, what does it mean?

One or 50 years old, is it a good thing for men to grow longer?

The folk has always said that people with long eyebrows will live longer than ordinary people.In order to study the relationship between eyebrows and life span, the Changsha Institute of Medical Research Institute conducted relevant investigations.

The study was compared with 600 elderly volunteers. It was found that 72.7%of the elderly elderly people had long -lived elderly people, and only 5 of the 15 -year -old people were long.In other words, eyebrows do not determine the length of life.

What factors are related to the growing eyebrows?

1. Folk function

Some men who are 50 years old have a strong androgen and the function of the hair follicles is normal. Then the hair can get enough nutrients, promote growth, and leads to longer eyebrows.

2. Eating habit

Some middle -aged and elderly people like to eat meat and supplements on weekdays. These foods may contain hormones. When the hormone levels are imbalanced in the body, it will affect hair growth.

? Men's eyebrows become longer after the age of 50, what does it mean?

3. Gene results

Some people have a lot of hair, which may not only grow eyebrows, but the body hair on the body will be dense.

All in all, the growth of eyebrows after 50 does not mean to prolong life. The growth of eyebrows may also be related to human hormones and external environment changes.Sometimes even the manifestations of certain diseases, such as alopecia areata or vitiligo, may cause eyebrow changes.Therefore, the eyebrows are long and are accompanied by other discomfort. You should check whether the disease is related in time.

Second, the different kind of eyebrows appear, it may be the hint of the disease

Tang Xudong, chief physician of the Hematology Department of Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that eyebrows not only affect the appearance of human appearance, but also have a lot to do with physical condition. When you find that eyebrows are different, it may be a suggestion of physical deficiency.

1. yellow eyebrows

Yellow -eyebrows are more common in those with insufficient lung qi, and they are also a common state of sub -healthy people.In addition, women with irregular menstruation, endocrine disorders, can also lead to this eyebrow.

? Men's eyebrows become longer after the age of 50, what does it mean?

2. The eyebrows are too dark

In general, the color of the eyebrows is large. If the eyebrows are too dark, it may be related to hyperthyroidism.

3. Eyebrows fall

The eyebrows have a growth cycle, but generally only after the age of 40, there are signs of falling off.If it falls prematurely, it may be a symbol of premature premature human body, indicating renal attenuation.

3. How to care for eyebrows everyday?

The eyebrows grow on the eyes, not only to make the facial features more coordinated. It is actually a barrier of the eyes. It is responsible for “shading and rain” for the eyes to prevent the dust from the dust falling directly above the eye.

So how should we take care of this “city wall” in daily life?

1. Pay attention to cleaning

When washing your face every day, you should also pay attention to cleaning eyebrows. If you do not clean the oil near the eyebrows for a long time, it is easy to block the pores and it is not conducive to the growth of eyebrows.

? Men's eyebrows become longer after the age of 50, what does it mean?

2. Correct repair

Proper eyebrow trimming can improve the eyebrows and make people look good.However, it is easy to destroy the hair follicles and induce folliculitis during eyebrow trimming.

Although eyebrows are part of our bodies, it is not directly related to life.However, some abnormalities can be found through the shape of the eyebrows, and the body is abnormal at an early date, which helps further develop the course of disease.

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